WWE Rules Bar Damian Priest from Using Money In The Bank Briefcase

WWE Rules Bar Damian Priest from Using Money In The Bank Briefcase

Damian Priest has held the WWE Money in the Bank briefcase for a few months following winning it last year in the theme PLE.

The star has been teased about taking advantage of WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins several times, but hasn’t managed to get his title shot. He hasn’t tried to do this since the last time and there’s a valid reason behind that.

When speaking to The West Sport, Priest stated that he isn’t able to try due to the fact that Rollins is currently hurt.

“I’m inspired by Raw and that Seth Rollins is the champion. However, he’s not cleared for medical treatment, which means I’m unable to make a bet currently because, according to the rules the champion isn’t allowed to participate competing in the match. This means I’ll have to wait until he’s cleared or if I end up watching another show, it’ll be different, but the champion isn’t on constantly. It’s a matter about me putting off my plans. I still have time until July 1st. I’m in lots of time. I’m not willing to risk doing something I shouldn’t. ….This won’t be worth it. In my mind I need to be World Champion, whether it’s on Raw or SmackDown. Whatever way I go, I need to be a top title holder and must be extremely vigilant regarding it. There’s still time, and clearly, we’ve have WrestleMania in the near future.”

Priest was also inquired about R-Truth being a an element of The Judgment Day and what it’s to work with him.

“It’s another of those bizarre things that, through accident we have created the kind of dynamic that people have been raving about. Who would have believed Truth would be a part of Judgment Day? It’s completely absurd. I don’t know, but on paper, you’d be astonished because it does not make sense.”

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