Neck Fusion Surgery Under Consideration by Kevin Nash

Neck Fusion Surgery Under Consideration by Kevin Nash

In the latest episode of the “Kliq This” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash opened up about his ongoing health challenges.

Nash candidly shared, “My neck is in such bad shape that I’m hesitant to even move it, fearing it might trigger a spasm. Fortunately, the stem cell treatments from Bioxcellerator have provided some relief.” Reflecting on his condition, Nash mentioned noticing Braun Strowman’s neck fusion surgery and expressed his own need for a solution to alleviate nerve pressure. “Ideally, I’d prefer a disc replacement, keeping the intervention as minimal as possible. Currently, I’m facing issues across 4, if not 5, levels of my neck.”

Nash also disclosed recent efforts to enhance his overall well-being, revealing that he’s been sober for five weeks. Furthermore, he shared on the podcast that he’s been incorporating a colostrum supplement into his routine, noting positive effects on his skin, hair, and gut health.

As Nash continues on his journey towards sobriety and navigates his health challenges, we extend our best wishes to him.

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