Paul Heyman Opts Against Using a Script for His WWE Hall of Fame Address

Paul Heyman Opts Against Using a Script for His WWE Hall of Fame Address

Ahead of his WWE Hall of Fame induction next week, Paul Heyman shared insights in an interview with The Rich Eisen Show.

Regarding his induction speech, Heyman emphasized his intention to gauge the atmosphere of the room. He expressed, “I’m going to take the pulse of the room that night. I’m going to wing this because I don’t really know what the crowd itself is expecting from me.” Heyman emphasized the importance of adapting to the audience’s preferences and mentioned various potential topics, ranging from contemporary WWE to ECW nostalgia and themes of inspiration.

Heyman also shared his perspective on Roman Reigns, stating unequivocally, “Roman Reigns would be the greatest star in the industry, no matter what generation he came from.”

Discussing the A&E Biography: WWE Legends episode featuring Roman Reigns, Heyman highlighted the unique approach taken. He explained that Reigns sought to present a deeper exploration of his persona and character, leading to Heyman’s involvement in directing and producing the episode. Heyman expressed aspirations for the biography to stand out as a compelling narrative, appealing both to avid WWE fans and newcomers alike.

Heyman also touched upon Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s potential return to WWE, framing it as a strategic move given WWE’s recent successes under Roman Reigns’ leadership. Heyman characterized The Rock’s involvement as a convergence of two immensely influential forces, likening it to a significant merger within the entertainment industry.

In essence, Heyman’s comments offer a glimpse into his dynamic approach to public speaking, his admiration for Roman Reigns’ prowess, and his insights into the evolving landscape of WWE and beyond.

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