Nick Aldis Gives an Update Regarding his Arm Post-Surgery

Nick Aldis Gives an Update Regarding his Arm Post-Surgery

Nick Aldis, the General Manager of WWE SmackDown, recently appeared on Gabby LaSpisa’s Gabby AF podcast for an insightful interview. During the conversation, Aldis provided an update on his arm following a recent surgical procedure:

“This recent surgery marks only the second major operation I’ve undergone throughout my entire career, and it happened to be on the other bicep. It was an unfortunate incident, but I’m grateful for the exceptional care provided by Dr. LeClere at Vanderbilt here in Nashville. He’s renowned for his work with elite athletes, including the Nashville Predators. I’m feeling optimistic about my recovery. Currently, I’m wearing a cumbersome splint cast, but I anticipate transitioning to a brace soon, similar to the one worn by CM Punk. Hopefully, I’ll make the switch in time for WrestleMania.”

On the topic of Jade Cargill joining SmackDown, Aldis shared his thoughts:

“Jade has been eagerly awaiting her opportunity on the main roster, and I’m pleased that she’s chosen to align herself with SmackDown. While I’m not surprised by her decision, I’m certainly glad she made the right choice. As for her reception from the roster, I believe professionalism will prevail, but it wouldn’t be uncommon for some of our female superstars to express their sentiments towards her. There’s a sense of competition, and sometimes, a newcomer receives a taste of what it’s like in the big leagues. However, I’m confident that Jade has plenty to contribute, and the WWE Universe has been eagerly anticipating her arrival, especially after her impressive showing at the Royal Rumble. I firmly believe that her best is yet to come, and I look forward to witnessing her journey in WWE.”

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