PJ Black discloses that the Original Plan for NXT was for wrestlers to live in a house like The Ultimate Fighter

PJ Black discloses that the Original Plan for NXT was for wrestlers to live in a house like The Ultimate Fighter

In a exclusive interview to WrestlingNews.co, Steve Fall interviewed the former WWE superstar PJ Black (Justin Gabriel) about his time with WWE on NXT as well as on the main roster The development and decline of Nexus as well as other topics. Note that this interview was recorded sometime in the past and was released this morning to the public for the first time.

In Matt Hardy falling off the top rope:

“It was my first day on the job. So the first thing that ran through my head is like, ‘I’m gonna get fired. I’m gonna get fired.’ This was the first day and it was totally my fault and I felt so stupid too because I mean, I know Matt. I know him very well. I’ve watched him for years. I know his entrants. I know exactly what he’s gonna do and I put my foot on the bottom rope and he just spilled out. It was hilarious, but also quite frightening at the same time.”

Justin Gabriel on Season 1 of NXT:

“The original idea was to have a home similar to Ultimate Fighter and actually compete and take on actual athletic competitions, but in the world of wrestling the time was running out and at the time they said”Let’s make a show”, but they said”We don’t have the time to write an entire show’, therefore we freestyled almost every single thing. That’s the reason why the events and promos were a bit off since it was all spontaneously.”

Justin Gabriel on the rise and decline in WWE’s Nexus:

“We were not being informed of anything, so we didn’t be aware of what was coming up. We’re thinking: what what if this (NXT) ended What’s next? Will we return to Florida or return to FCW or what’s the plan? however, they flew us to Miami and then they called us into the office. And the manager said, ‘Okay, this is what you’re going to do?’ we’re all like”What? “, because wrestling is never new or original. it’s always adapted out of the past other stories. There’s very rarely any new ideas that appear in wrestling. When he started explaining this to us, we thought we couldn’t imagine the possibilities. We were like”This sounds awesome. Let’s try this.’

“I didn’t (know the fact that John Cena said he didn’t want to lose the match at SummerSlam 2010.). In the event that I were in Wade’s shoes I could have been up and speaking in the moment however I was unaware that it would go this way. I think if I were in Wade’s place I would have made a statement because I would have been aware of the outcome. We were kept in the in the dark. We didn’t realize that the final was coming. We believed that we’re going over. We’re very excellent. As if we were in the middle of our way through the Nexus (he laughed).

He then goes on to add, “The momentum just stopped. Everyone chose a different path in the storylines. The story was broken up, and didn’t know where they would take them. Maybe we’re also to blame. We could have been more assertive and said, ‘We’ve came up with some thoughts. We’re headed in the right direction.’ We were just waiting to get orders each week from the big man. We could have contacted his directly.”