The 40th Anniversary of Hulkamania is on WWE’s Agenda for a special Celebration

The 40th Anniversary of Hulkamania is on WWE's Agenda for a special Celebration
WWE will celebrate Hulk Hogan later this month

Hulk Hogan fans will have the opportunity to purchase exclusive items from their favourite wrestler this month because the company plans to commemorate this year’s anniversary as the 40th of Hulkamania.

Hogan’s impact on the world

If you like Hogan whether you like him or not Hogan can be considered one of the biggest names in history of the business of wrestling, assisting WWE rise to prominence as the top wrestling company throughout the world over the past few years with Vince McMahon.

Hogan was the first to hold Hogan first held the WWE Title in 1984 and most recently won it in 2002. Alongside his accomplishments in WWE Hogan was also a part of helping to start an era of Monday Night Wars, the most exciting time ever in industry that spanned WCW along with WWE when he founded the NWO along with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in the latter part of the 90s.

Hogan started to reduce his schedule in 2003, and he would only spar with his time and later made an appearance in TNA Wrestling. The last time Hogan appeared on WWE television came a year ago during the 30th anniversary show of Raw.

Let’s celebrate!

WrestleVotes reports that, even though WWE has plans in place to commemorate the Hulkamania craze, Hogan is not expected to be on TV however that is subject to alter.

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