Recap of WWE NXT’s February 20, 2024, Events

Recap of WWE NXT's February 20, 2024, Events


February 20, 2024

WWE Performance Center

Orlando, FL

We are pleased to bring you live coverage of WWE NXT. We will always post the results immediately following each match. You can always refresh this page to see the latest results.

WWE NXT Tonight:

NXT North American Championship match

Oba Femi vs Lexis king

Roxanne Perez vs Wren Sinclair

Josh Brigs vs Brooks Jensen

Jacy Jayne vs Arianna Grace

Andre Chase & Duke Hudson vs Nathan Frazier & Axiom

Lash Legend vs Kelani Jordan

NXT Women’s Championship Match

Lyra Valkyria (champion) vs Shotzi

Live coverage starts at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time.

NXT North American Championship match

Oba Femi vs Lexis king

Femi used a powerbomb, a snake eye, a lariat and a snake to pin King.

Winner: Oba Femi

Thea Hail informed Jacy Jayne backstage that Riley Osborne hadn’t called since their date. Arianna Grande said to Hail that Riley Osborne must have been scared away by her. Jayne told Grande not to bother them.

Tatum Paxley said to Lyra that she was her hero backstage. Valkyria told Tatum Paxley that she needed her to stay away from Lyra Valkyria’s match. If you could do this, Valkyria had a surprise for you.

Baron Corbin, Bron Breakker and the NXT Tag Team Champions came into the ring. Andre Chase, Duke Hudson and others came out to say they wanted the title match. Nathan Frazier, Axiom and others came out to say they wanted a title match. Ava announced that the title match tonight will be Frazier and Axiom vs Chase and Hudson with the winner getting the next shot at the title.

Roxanne Perez vs Wren Sinclair

Sinclair gave Perez a dropkick. Perez first gave Sinclair Pop Rocks, and then locked Sinclair in the Crossface. This caused Sinclair’s submission.

Winner: Roxanne Perez

Noam Dar, backstage, asked No Quarter Catch Crew if they knew who he would be facing next weekend. Damon Kemp told No Quarter Catch Crew that you will know next week, when you’re in the ring.

Josh Brigs vs Brooks Jensen

Briggs and Jensen traded kicks in the face. Jensen delivered a suplex and a heel-kick to Briggs for a near-fall. Briggs gave Jensen a sunset flip but Jensen punched Briggs in the head, gave him two larrissats and pinned Briggs. Briggs said to Jensen, I did it for you because I love you. Briggs hugged Jensen after the match, picking up his head.

Winner: Josh Briggs

In a pre tape, Dijak went to see Joe Gacy in a straight-jacket behind glass. Crusifino told Dijak that what he was doing was illegal. Dijak told Gacy that he had violated his law. Gacy said that this is not over.

Carmelo was seen going to the barbershop in a pre-tape. He said that I am alone but not lonely. He said that I did not get too big for the boots. I wanted Trick Williams, my son, to have the same experience as a top man because you are my boy and tried to be number 1. You could have been number two but you wanted the one-of-one. I am second to no one. Every one of my achievements made me feel your envy and I wanted to win you over before you did.

Jacy Jayne (w/Thea Hail & Jazmyn Nyx) vs Arianna Grace

Jayne returned to the ring, after fighting Grace outside. Jayne, who was being held back by the referee from pursuing Grace, gave Hail and Nyx a hand signal to strike Grace. Nyx hit Grace behind the back and threw her into the ring, while Hail looked confused. Jayne pinned Grace after hitting her in the back.

Winner: Jacy Jayne

Adriana Rizzo said to Tony D’Angelo at his restaurant that she had given everything last week. Tony told her that it was her debut performance and to not be downhearted about it. Stacks said it was Tony’s fault, but we were going to get our titles back. Tony said no we’re not. Not right now. In the past six months, I’ve lost sight of the big picture. We have been playing small. It’s about time I led the family in a different direction. Tell the family and anyone who doesn’t agree, well that’s their problem. It’s now time for me to be the real Don of NXT.

In an interview that was pre-recorded, Ridge Holland stated next week he would apologize to the WWE Universe because the person who is holding the chair against Gallus in the video is not me.

The #1 Contenders match for the NXT Tag Team Championship

Chase U (Andre Chase & Duke Hudson) (w/Riley Osborne) vs Nathan Frazier & Axiom

Hudson hit Frazier with a double clothesline. Hudson tagged Chase, who came from the top rope and did a cross-body on Frazier. Frazier then rolled him for a near-fall. Frazier and Chase traded roll-ups, with Chase eventually pinning Frazier. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows jumped the teams after the match and gave Hudson the Magic Killer.

Winners: Chase U

Ilja Dragunov stated in a taped interview that he knew Carmelo Hayes from the very first day. Come and see me next week. Come and win this championship, because I am coming for your soul.

Fallon Henley was upset that Briggs Jensen were fighting backstage. Thea Hail complained that her Valentine’s Day with Riley Osborne did not go well. They became friends and decided to go on a walk.

Lash Legend (w/Jakara Jackson) vs Kelani Jordan

Jackson attempted to punch Jordan as she was climbing the turnbuckle. Jordan punched back and blocked him. Legend was able to use this distraction to perform the Slam Dunk Choke Slam and pin Jordan. Kiana James, Izzi Dame and Kiana James all tried to attack Jordan in the ring. Jordan managed to escape.

Winner: Lash Legend

Karl Anderson announced backstage that we were returning to NXT, and would stay for as long as they wanted. Luke Gallows claimed he did not realize Baron Corbin was the largest comedian in the world when he came to NXT. The Magic Killer and I are going to take home the NXT Tag Team Titles.

NXT Women’s Championship Match

Lyra Valkyria (champion) vs Shotzi

Shotzi draped Lyra on the ropes. Shotzi fell to the ground and hurt her knee. She couldn’t continue.

Ava stated that due to Shotzi’s injury, she would no longer be able compete. However, we had promised a NXT Women’s Match and this is exactly what will happen. The challenge is now open. Lyra will face whoever comes forward.

NXT Women’s Championship Match

Lyra Valkyria (champion) vs Lash Legend

They showed Roxanne asking what happened to Shotzi in the middle of a match. She was disappointed that she had missed another chance to win the championship when she heard what happened. Lyra landed a splash off the top of the rope and pinned Legend.

Winner: Lyra Valkyria

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