Eddie Guerrero’s Low Rider Bought by Vanilla Ice

Eddie Guerrero's Low Rider Bought by Vanilla Ice

A celebrity has purchased one of Eddie Guerrero’s low riders, which he used in WWE TV.

Vanilla Ice said in a YouTube video that he bought it from someone, who probably didn’t know what he was getting into because he paid only $15,000. Ice stated that he didn’t know that Eddie owned the car and it could have been sold for six figures. Ice noted that the seller claimed to have spent $30,000 on improvements. The car, as seen in the video, also features a custom Eddie Guerrero WWE Championship.

Eddie may not have owned the car, as WWE would rent a low rider from a local dealer in each city when it was used for his TV entrance. The car Eddie was pictured next to in the Low Rider Magazine photoshoot, as well as being used for TV, is also featured on the magazine.

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