Ronda Rousey hints that Vince McMahon’s influence in WWE remains intact in the era of Bruce Prichard

Ronda Rousey hints that Vince McMahon's influence in WWE remains intact in the era of Bruce Prichard
Ronda Rousey chimed in.

Ronda Rousey isn’t planning to make an WWE appearance anytime soon after an earlier tweet about Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard.

Rousey shared her thoughts on McMahon’s decision to quit TKO after the explosive lawsuit brought by former WWE employee Janel Grant against WWE, John Laurnatis, and McMahon.


The lawsuit claimed that the defendant had been involved in a sexual trafficking and abuse scandal involving an earlier WWE employee.

Following the August SummerSlam competition, Rousey had wrapped up with WWE in which Shayna Baszler was a victim of her former WWE Women’s Champion in an MMA rules contest before she was able to work two separate dates. Rousey was later involved in on a tag team match with ROH in November.

The tweet

Rousey tweeted and sparked discussion in a tweet that, despite McMahon being exiled from his position within the company She believes McMahon will have a voice in the business via long-time WWE executive Bruce Prichard, who has been a huge advocate for McMahon throughout his career.

McMahon is still the owner of the majority of TKO stock, but has an 8% vote. She wrote:

“Bruce Prichard is Vince’s avatar. In the event that Vince is still around. Vince is still involved within the industry. Vince was running the business through Bruce while the latter was “gone” prior to.”

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