Moose Emphasizes that he isn’t Planning to Wrestle until he reaches the Age of 50

Moose Emphasizes that he isn't Planning to Wrestle until he reaches the Age of 50

Chris Van Vliet welcomed Moose as his guest on this week. Moose took home his first TNA World Championship at the Hard To Kill pay-per-view. Scroll down for the whole interview.

Moose on TNA returning:

“Great. This is something in the group of guys we’ve talked about for years and have always told one another, such as”What would happen if TNA returned, and we were not Impact Wrestling anymore? We were TNA. It was something I’ve never met them who they were personally. They didn’t tell me anything. I’m the only person who discovers anything about what’s happening. I can remember the night. I believe Josh was part of the main event. Everyone was saying, ‘Make sure to watch the screens following the game. In my mind I was thinking”What’s the matter? Is CM Punk in the mix? as he’s an unsigned free agent. “Is CM Punk coming in? There’s no way’, or”I’m going to look at the monitor and when the match is completed, and the reveal takes place and there’s a reaction video. You can see me leap up, climb onto the chair and start singing ‘TNA TNA TNA’ with the other boys. I would say that was the most memorable moment of the year last in our lives.”

Why he believes it’s essential to sell the event:

“There are two aspects to this. The first is that when I first began wrestling about 10-11 many years ago, was working for the company known as Ring of Honor and I encountered a man named Chris Hero. There was one aspect Chris Hero told me that never left me unmoved was I was told by him, ‘You’re not going to be judged by your performance in the way you conduct yourself offensively, we’ll determine the quality of your work by the way you market yourself the product’. This has never left me. Another thing to note, the second One of my most favorite wrestlers are Brock Lesnar. The reason he’s my top wrestler is that it’s true that it’s true that he’s an animal, and however, he also kills other people however that’s not the reason I love Brock Lesnar. In my opinion, he’s the top selling pro wrestler. I’ve watched matches featuring him against Ric Flair, a 60-year-old Ric Flair. In that match, I thought that the 60-year-old would beat this beast. All because of this beast’s selling. After watching the match I was like, okay when I reach the point where I am in this position, I must perform a decent enough job of what he’s doing or do a better job than him in order to succeed and excel at this. Each time I attend an event and a player states, “Oh I’m doing in the body’, I know that all night long my goal is to put them to be in the headpiece and make the ref ask them if they are actually okay or is selling. My aim to get the ref to ask me that.”

Re-signing with TNA:

“There were some things. First, I’m very loyal. It’s my relationship with Scott D’Amore is, in truth, very strong. would not be where I am in today in the first place if I hadn’t encountered Scott 10+ years ago. It’s difficult to turn him down when we’re discussing numbers or what my future plans are. In the beginning I was with the NFL for more than seven years. I’ve earned a lot of money from this. I’ve always been a good steward of my money. It is common to hear stories about bad experiences. For me and fortunately for me, I came through. I was able to save a amount. This is why money has never been an issue that has poured over my head. I’ve never thought “Oh, I’m in need of money however I’ll stay to Scott in the present due to the first reason. It’s my relationship Scott is a result of having played in Scott’s NFL over the years and knowing that this business can be extremely competitive and that they could allow you to go in a second however, my friendship with Scott is much more than the boss-talent bond. It’s like a big brother or smaller brother. Therefore, he’s needed to coach me and my best friend and even be my boss. Now I have to consider that. If I work at AEW I don’t have any connection with Tony. Therefore, he’s essentially my boss. In the event that I visit WWE I don’t have any relationship with Hunter. Hunter is my boss. Some of the scenarios I might find myself in are merely the boss-talent conversations, and there’s a boss-talent conversation. TNA is a friendship first or a friend-friend discussion or a big brother little brother discussion followed by an employer-talent discussion. Therefore, I needed to add the two together. This was a major decision for me.”

“Number two, ” because I’ve made money over 7 years with the NFL It wasn’t an enormous burden for me when I needed money, therefore going to AEW or even going to WWE was not appealing because I’ve earned it. My friends will tell you that everyone is a fan of me because my mission is to make everyone be a fan of me. However, some people aren’t happy with me due to the fact that my biggest blessing is also my biggest curse. I am a serious wrestler that, if I’m going to go somewhere, I’m sure of that I’m a pro wrestler. I’m confident that according to my personal opinion that I’m one of one of a kind. I am aware of what I could accomplish in the arena. I am aware of how I appear physically. I’m aware that I could speak via the microphone. Therefore, if I’m not at the position that I’m supposed to be, but money isn’t attractive for me. I want to be content with where I am. I’d like to be a part of the team. I don’t need this huge amount of money just to be sitting on the bench. I would prefer to be playing. Therefore, I needed to think about it. At this point, I didn’t think I had the confidence to jump that high and start the match. Wrestling is among those sports where regardless of how talented you are, it’s all about the way people perceive you. This means that you are not in your control.”

If he wants to retire, TNA:

“I cannot answer that question as I’m not able to predict the future. I’m unable to tell you whether I’m going to even get up on the next day and I’m not able to declare that I am, however I’ll say this. It’s not me. people who you see to play until he’s 60 or 50. It’s not my intention. I’d like to retire from wrestling young, but be able to go out as well as play with my son and be active and have fun doing things. So, I’m not going to say that I’m retiring in TNA however, I believe that I’m definitely not among those people who’ll wrestle until at least 50. I’m turning 40 this year. It’s all based on how I feel physically whether I’m still confident in my capabilities, and can continue to perform as I do today, and if believe there is a drop in my performance future, I’ll put it down.”

In the subject of his TNA Mount Rushmore:

“That’s easy. It’s very easy. AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett, Abyss and Kurt Angle.”

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