Shawn Michaels Applauds Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams, Calling Their Performance ‘Exceptional’

Shawn Michaels Applauds Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams, Calling Their Performance 'Exceptional'

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels recently made an appearance on Busted Open Radio to discuss the upcoming NXT Stand & Deliver event set to take place in Philadelphia next weekend.

Speaking about Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams, Michaels expressed admiration for their progress:

“Carmelo and I hit it off right away, as he has mentioned many times. Over the past year, Trick has shown remarkable growth since he approached me with determination and said, ‘I want my shot.’ Both of these young men are incredibly hardworking and dear to my heart. They’ve been absolutely fantastic. They’ve not only impressed me, but they’ve also brought joy to the coaches and everyone at NXT and the Performance Center. It’s evident that they’ve earned their spot in the WrestleMania Stand and Deliver main event. The storyline they’re involved in is the deepest, most passionate, and most intriguing in NXT history. It’s truly deserving of the main event spotlight. Every step of the way, Carmelo and Trick have proven themselves, and I’m thrilled that they’re being given this opportunity.”

Michaels also reflected on the decision to pair Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams together:

“We had a vision of bringing them together from the start. Their chemistry was evident from the beginning. Initially, it was about pairing a more experienced wrestler with someone we knew had potential. Trick Williams’ talent was undeniable from the outset, and the friendship and chemistry between the two, much like Kevin and I, developed naturally.”

NXT Stand & Deliver is scheduled to air on Saturday, April 6 at Noon Eastern, just hours before WrestleMania.

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