Sheamus said his WWE WrestleMania 39 match, believing it deserved to headline and stole the spotlight

Sheamus said his WWE WrestleMania 39 match, believing it deserved to headline and stole the spotlight
Sheamus thinks highly of the match

Sheamus has given a reflection on his career interview in Virgin Media Sports Stories, in which the long-time WWE star spoke about various events during his WWE career.

The match

In the interview, he expressed his opinion in the WrestleMania 39 match in April 2023 with Drew McIntyre and Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER the match, which was that was widely praised, should have been the main event of the event the night before. Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes was the main event of the second night following the triple threat match that took preceding the evening.

“The IC Title,” Sheamus said. “That’s it. I’d like to host the main event of WrestleMania as well. I would like to be the main event at WrestleMania. This is another option. It’s a different one. IC Title and main event WrestleMania are two things I’d like to achieve. I could have gotten the main event of WrestleMania in the past or in this year in 2023. It was a shame that it didn’t happen the last time. It took over the show at WrestleMania. There was nothing that could come close to match-wise that the match myself, Gunther Drew and Gunther Drew did. I knew this was going to happen. I was close to winning the title at Mania and then it was removed of me.”

Plans change pal

He also spoke about the initial ideas for his WWE main roster selection in 2008, but it was postponed for over a year.

“Mark Henry as well as Tony Atlas were in a dispute with Fit Finlay and they’re likely to get me involved with Fit Finlay on a pay-per view prior to Christmas 2008,”” Sheamus stated. “So I was expected to be up by the year 2008, which is approximately an entire year. I’d stay for around an entire year. Then it all went down the drain I believe because Vince McMahon asked”What’s next following that?’ and Vince didn’t have plans following it. Then I was about to leave for the road ….so I’ve just come back to Ireland to celebrate Christmas. It was the first time I thought, ‘Okay I’m sure they’re going to ensure that whenever they do bring me up, they’re using me, don’t you think? They’re not going to just put me in a situation. That’s the moment I realized what they’re saying “They’re looking for that perfect time to call you up and do the right way to do it. The moment was the case in 2009, on June 30th the day I made my debut with ECW.”

Sheamus has been absent from WWE television since August and it’s unclear when he’ll return.

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