Insider Scoop Reveals why WWE has kept The Rock’s appearances under wraps

Insider Scoop Reveals why WWE has kept The Rock's appearances under wraps

The trend is continuing with The Rock making surprise WWE appearances The Rock’s most recent appearances appearing on SmackDown as well as Raw.

Recent appearances

The Rock made a surprise return to WWE in mid-September SmackDown on SmackDown, where The Rock interrupted a segment featuring Pat McAfee and Austin Theory. The Rock did a promo prior to giving a speech about Theory with the People’s Elbow.

In Tuesday’s Raw, Rock interrupted Jinder Mahal and Jinder Mahal, who exchanged words and then he exposed the Former WWE Champion. Rock made people talk with a Head of the Table reference and teasing a possible Roman Reigns match.

Both performances drew huge numbers on the social media and on TV ratings. But many feel these appearances should’ve been made public prior to the event in order to garner and get a better rating.

The main reason

When he was during an interview on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained that the reason why his appearances are not made public in advance is due to the fact that Rock doesn’t really care about the ratings, but rather the excitement that he receives from the fans who are there. While Rock is an entrepreneur, returning to perform together with WWE is more enjoyable than being a business-oriented event for Rock.

“But is he doing it for fun since there’s no obligation to complete it. He’s doing it to enjoy thrills. This kind of thing. This is why, when he came to the scene on Monday, it was not released at a specific time, as the time if they had announced it prior to the time. The rating would have been a lot more high, and much higher as it is. He did it because the situation was that it was because of people not being aware of his plans in there. There he is. He wants to be there. Each time he visits the company doesn’t announce it prior to the time. They’ll tease him but they’ll not make an announcement but they don’t make the announcement.” Meltzer said.

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