Summary of WWE NXT: February 27th, 2024

Summary of WWE NXT: February 27th, 2024


February 27, 2024

WWE Performance Center

Orlando, FL

This is our streaming live stream of WWE NXT. As usual, we’ll publish the results right away after each match. Keep checking this page regularly to check the latest results.

Tonight on WWE NXT:

NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov faces confront with Carmelo Hayes

The Noam Dar team defends Heritage Cup against one member of the No Quarter Catch Crew

Kelani Jordan vs Kiana James

Roxanne Perez vs Jakara Jackson

Von Wagner vs Lexis King

The live broadcast begins at 8 pm EST.

Ilja Dragunov pleaded with Carmelo Hayes that he should come to the ring. Hayes was seen stepping out with his security around the ring to ensure Dragunov was unable to reach him. Hayes declared that you are the NXT Champion right now and I’m the one who makes the brand grow since I entered the scene. I’m not entering the box together until after I have an agreement because losing the NXT Championship to me is your top concern and I’m sure you’re not the kind of person to let me go prior to the match. I’ll let you have it all the time you need until I finish the show. Dragunov took on Carmelo’s security guards to end the show.

A while ago, Gigi Dolin asked Ava what she was planning to do next. They went into the office of Ava where Jaida Parker was there. Jaida was asking Ava what was going to happen next. Gigi said to Jaida that the line begins just behind her. Jaida stated that I do not stand in any line. Ava stated that the next step for you both is you and each other.

Booker T returned to the discussion table.

Kelani Jordan vs Kiana James (w/Izzi Dame)

James struck Jordan with a snarebuster to cause a close fall. Jordan took Jame using an inside cradle for a double count. Dame fell on Jordan when the referee’s head was turned. James struck Jordan during the deal breaker and pins her.

Winner: Kiana James

They show footage from last Tuesday when Roxanne Perez was expressing her frustration over not getting an opportunity to compete in winning the NXT Women’s Championship when Lash Legend came in to take on Lyra Valkyria. Jakara Jackson said to Perez that’s the way a superstar works. You’ve have lost the title. Perez took on Jackson together with the other ladies at the back of the room and tried to disarm them.

The O.C. (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows ) vs Edris Enofe & Malik Blade

Enofe dressed Anderson and gave him an elbow to the face and an suplex. Anderson offered Enofe an oblique punch and gave the tag for Gallows. Anderson and Gallows handed Enofe the Magic Killer and pinned him.

Winners: The O.C.

Following the game, Andre Chase and Duke Hudson appeared and stated that we were beaten last week, and you’ll discover that karma’s an annoyance. Nathan Frazier and Axiom came out. Frazier stated that he wishes Chase U congratulations on becoming the top contender However, when it is The O.C., we’re up next. Joaquin Wilde and Cruz del Toro were able to get off the top turnbuckles and dropped Gallows as well as Anderson. Chase U, Frazier and Axiom as well as the LWO all fought Gallows as well as Anderson. Gallows and Anderson were taken away from the ring as Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker were watching at the audience from the balconies.

On the stage, Oba Femi entered Ava’s office and informed her that she is the next person I’ll be. Ilja Dragunov walked in and sat down alongside Femi and Femi went away. Ilja said to Ava that we needed to speak.

Roxanne Perez vs Jakara Jackson (w/Lash Legend)

Perez was going for The Pop Rocks, but Legend stood over Jackson’s shoulder, causing the move was not executed. The official saw this and kicked Legend away from the at the ringside. Perez and Jackson exchanged slaps on the face. Perez was able to catch Jackson on the face, and Jackson accepted the submission.

Winner: Roxanne Perez

Thea Hail has told Jacy Jayne Riley Osborne told her the girl on the date was not the person he believed I would be So we’re more comfortable as friends. Hail told Jacy Jayne that I’m returning to being the former Thea Hail. Jayne stated that the original Thea Hail is an unlucky loser. Hail claimed this is the way Fallon Henley said I should do. Jayne stated that Henley is an idiot. She begs people to stay there as a friend. It’s better right now. Hail was curious questions about Andre Chase and Duke Hudson. Jayne declared that they were losers. I was forced to step in and make sure that the university was saved. If it weren’t for me then there wouldn’t be an institution anymore. Kiana James as well as Izzi Dame walked into. They also affirmed they believe Fallon Henley is the last person she should seek advice from regarding everything.

Onstage Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows were able to tell Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker that if they overcome Chase U, we will be watching.

Dijak vs Luca Crusifino

Dijak kicked Crusifino with a kick in the face, landed on him with Feast Your Eyes, and pinched him.

Winner: Dijak

Following the game, Joe Gacy came out when he fell out of the straight jacket. With Dijak caught up in Gacy, Crusifino hit Dijak with the tire iron. Gacy and Dijak engaged in a fight to the rear.

In the backstage area, Tony D’Angelo and Stacks were staring at the screen. Tony ordered that Stacks he should go and find him.

Backstage, Noam dar said Dar isn’t concerned about who from No Quarter Catch Crew who will be fighting this evening.

In the ring Lyra Valkyria expressed her wish to Shotzi a speedy recovery. once you are back I will be owed the title shot. I’ll be giving Lash Legend full credit for standing up this week. Tatum stood up to her side of the agreement the last week. Lyra wanted Tatum to get out. Tatum said to Lyra I’d be willing to do anything for you. Lyra has said that I’ve spoken to Ava and that next week we’ll be working together. Tatum stated that I knew we wouldn’t be able to separate us, and we’ll be together for the rest of our lives. Lyra told us that we’ll take on the Kabuki Warriors for the Women’s Tag Team Championship. Ridge Holland came out and stated that I wish you all the best luck in the coming week, but once you’ve finished I’d like for you to leave because I have a very important issue to clear my head. Lyra and Tatum have left the Ring. Holland stated that I am here tonight to express my regrets for my conduct. The lights were turned off. A voice announced over an audio speaker on the walls of the video that read, “Truth will ultimately prevail, but there is pain bringing it to light.” A man wearing an hoodie struck Holland from behind using the chair. He removed the hood for the sake of revealing Shawn Spears.

Onstage Brooks Jensen asked Oba Femi if the Nigerian was searching for his next opponent. Femi replied yes. Jensen replied that well, you’ve have him.

In the backstage area, Carmelo Hayes told the crowd that “I am looking forward to seeing Ilja Dragunov to be out there. I’d like Ava with a signed contract sealed, delivered, and signed with the only thing I need to do is add my name to it, but inform Ilja not to sign any contract, or Melo.

Von Wagner (w/Mr. Stone) vs Lexis King

King as well as Wagner were fighting outside the arena. King shoved Wagner to Stone who slammed him against the barrier in front of them. They returned to the rings. Stone was on the apron in anger at King. King tried to knock stones off of the surface but Wagner was able to roll him up to pin him. Following the fight, King attacked Wagner’s leg. Stone entered the ring to try and pull King off Wagner However, King handed Stone the”Coronation.

Winner: Von Wagner

A video package from The Kabuki Warriors aired. On the set, Lyra told Tatum that next week, we’ll bring the Tag team championships back into NXT. Tatum told her you’d become a two-time champion, but do not worry, I’ll always take care of you since I’m a pretty good teammate. Jaida Parker warned them that The Kabuki Warrior are going to make them look embarrassing. Arianna Grace told them we all are champions within our hearts and minds. Parker said to Grace that I’d rather have to win a title than a flimsy crown.

On stage, Dijak was arguing with Ava at the time Joe Gacy attacked him.

Gigi Dolin vs Jaida Parker

Arianna Grace walked up to the ring. When Gigi was beating Jaida, Arianna got on the ring’s apron, held her arm back and demanded she put down the fight. Gigi hit Grace off the ring’s the apron. Jaida struck Gigi from behind and then pinned her.

Winner: Jaida Parker

Heritage Cup Match:

Noam Dar (w/Oro Mensah) vs Charlie Dempsey (w/Drew Gulak, Damon Kemp and Myles Borne)

1. Round: Dempsey caught Dar in an backslide and pinched Dar to the ground. Dempsey 1 Dar 0

Round 2: No Fall

Round 3: No Fall

The 4th round of the fight: Dar hit Dempsey with an enziguri, and then pinted him. Dar 1 Dempsey 1

5. Round: Borne got on the rings apron and climbed onto the ring apron, but Mensah took him off. Borne was able to throw Mensah into the post of the ring. Dar was able to take on Gulak along with Kemp on the ring’s Apron. Dempsey offered Dar the full Nelson suplex, and then pinned him down to take the Heritage Cup.

Winner and a new Heritage Cup winner: Charlie Dempsey

When Shawn Spears was leaving the building, he told me that I love Ridge Holland, but he has been lying to himself for too long. The pain running throughout his body is a sign of truth. This is the reason I slapped Ridge. The truth will cause you to fall. That’s why Shawn Spears is now in NXT. I’ll meet you next week on Roadblock.

Carmelo Hayes walked into the ring, where Ilja Dragunov as well as Ava were sitting at the table for signing contracts. Hayes was accompanied by his security staff at the ring’s the apron. Tony D’Angelo came to the arena. Tony said to Hayes that you don’t need to beat him in order to get things moving around here. The only thing you need to do is Don. Tony pulled his finger, and Hayes security walked away. Tony was sitting at the table and told the NXT Championship was heavily influenced by this Hayes-Dragunov story and only one person can turn it upside down and it’s NXT’s Don of NXT. He informed Ilja she was the only one who wants to take the title away from you and instead of Carmelo Hayes. I’m going to win the title in Stand and Deliver. This week on NXT Roadblock, it’s going to be Carmelo Hayes against Tony D’Angelo and the winner is awarded an NXT Title Match at Stand and Deliver. Ava has said that she spoke with Tony earlier, and if it’s acceptable to Ilja and Tony, that’s what’s going to happen. Ilja was in agreement and touched Tony’s hand. Carmelo said to Tony If we’re in need of someone to get rid of some garbage then you’re the person for this however when it is about NXT I’m the Don. Tony was thrown in Hayes face. Hayes hit Tony towards Ilja and then slammed Tony into the table. Hayes made the deal, then threw it at Tony and then tossed the NXT title onto the collapsed Dragunov.

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