Ted DiBiase reflected on Virgil, expressing uncertainty about his living situation and stating, “Whatever it was, it definitely wasn’t good.”

Ted DiBiase reflected on Virgil, expressing uncertainty about his living situation and stating, "Whatever it was, it definitely wasn't good."

In the most recent episode of the “Everybody’s Got A Podcast” podcast the WWE Hall of Famer Ted Dibiase commented on the death of Virgil. DiBiase and Virgil were co-workers during their time in WWE and, later on, as part of WCW throughout their time in the NWO storyline.

“I was very saddened to hear this,” DiBiase said. “Mike Jones was Virgil’s actual name, or was his real name. We were at the WWE office at the time this entire thing about The Million Dollar Man started. In the past, Mike had this tremendous body and was in great good shape. Eventually, that was his job. Mike was a bodyguard. I would open my mouth and, if anyone wanted to speak up I would revert and say, ‘Virgil take over. We would do something similar to Virgil says, he’s bored of me and tells me that he’s no longer doing this any more. We were able to have a battle. Mike was a wonderful person and a good person. Maintaining your body in that shape requires a lot of discipline, and Mike was proficient at it. He was a lot better than I am in maintaining his body in top condition. I only wish that there was more knowledge in wrestling. I’m not sure what to say any other way, because if the wrestler had been able to really do it and had a chance to win, we could have had an impressive run however it was a bit off the mark. off and ended pretty quickly. The good old Virgil. He wasn’t charismatic. It probably ended before it actually started, but we remained to remain friends.”

“I often saw him at a few of his Comic Cons from time to time. I asked him if you are booked at one at the Comic Cons and we end at the same location, then you should come sit with me. I would do this frequently however, the reason I ceased doing it was because of something Virgil had told some fans that were not the way to go. I’m looking back from where I am today. He wouldn’t admit that to me however he did not wish anyone to know the struggle was real. Then, I found out. I don’t know the name who was his caretaker however, he was seeing to that the care he received was in a way that was a bit better. I don’t even know. It’s quite a puzzle to me, because I’m not sure the people he lived with or where he lived in the first place, but I am sure that it wasn’t good. It’s a sad tale.”

“When I was at WCW I did one of my activities. There were all sorts of fans coming over. It was like wrestlers taking over. When you’re replacing it’s obvious that you require security. I thought, ‘What better security do I have than the man that was my personal security many years’ which is why I had Virgil booked by WCW.”

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