The Rock: Reviving the Cool Factor of Pro Wrestling; The Rock Shook Up Pro Wrestling Like Never Before

The Rock: Reviving the Cool Factor of Pro Wrestling; The Rock Shook Up Pro Wrestling Like Never Before

In advance of tonight’s show of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, The Rock posted a video on social media regarding Cody Rhodes and his “crybaby” fans.

Rock declared, “It has been, it’s been a huge week. It’s been an eventful week for professional wrestling. It’s been a huge week for the WWE. It’s been a huge week for The Rock. In The world of the people’s champion. In the realm of the Great One. In this world, the one that is the most enthralling man on earth daddy. It’s been a great type of week. To quote the legend of One of The Rock’s greatest heroes What’s the cause of all this?”

“It’s been an thrilling week. Pro-wrestling is exciting again. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen this. Pro Wrestling is cool, yet again. It’s been a long time since it was last seen. Pro wrestling is certainly thrilling. It’s also unpredictably unpredictable. It’s unpredictable because of one person, and that’s The Rock. Since The Rock came into pro wrestling, he returned to pro-wrestling which is a sport which The Rock loves. The industry The Rock was born into The Rock took professional wrestling and changed it around and disrupted the s*t from it and will never be the same. And it’s good. It’s incredibly good. No matter whether you love The Rock or you don’t like The Rock, it doesn’t matter as it’s a good feeling. Pro Wrestling is back on the top, and it’s good.”

Rock also spoke about The Rock also addressed the “bullsh*t” that he’s faced particularly his Cody Rhodes fans that he refers to as “Cody Crybabies.” In the clip below, he plays an interview with Dave Lagreca from Busted Open Radio telling the world that he hates The Rock for using his ability to steal an opportunity away from Cody. Rock also showed behind-the scenes footage of him as well as Cody onstage at the event for media held in Las Vegas and Cody pulling back from their agreement to allow Rock intervene to take on Roman Reigns.

The Rock will appear present on SmackDown this evening.

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