The leading free agent seems to be favoring move to WWE in 2024

The leading free agent seems to be favoring move to WWE in 2024
WWE/Does WWE have their next signing?

It’s becoming to be more probable that WWE is likely to sign an elite free agent they’ve been aiming to sign this year. This is a significant move in what could be a very promising year into 2024.

Interest rates for long-term duration

As we previously reported there has been a huge WWE curiosity about Giulia for a while, as it was reported that she may have a deal from WWE. Giulia is an NJPW star is not permitted to sign with any company not even WWE until her contract comes due to expire in March.

Many believed AEW would try to sign Giulia who is currently in the New Japan Strong Women’s Championship after beating Willow Nightingale, that’s not the case because they never played a serious game for Giulia.

A previous update was made public earlier in the month, noting that AEW was no longer in the race to sign her since it was now coming down to signing with WWE as well as staying in NJPW.

in the latest issue from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer said that Giulia is considering an agreement with WWE.

Meltzer said, “Giulia right now is thought to arrive in 2024. Her contract is due to expire in March. She will join Stardom on March. It’s possible that she won’t be coming in immediately however, as of currently, she’s mulling about being here by 2024.”

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