Tony Khan’s Mention of Jinder Mahal’s WWE World Title Contest Prompts Reaction

Tony Khan's Mention of Jinder Mahal's WWE World Title Contest Prompts Reaction

AEW President Tony Khan was accused by Jinder Mahal of shooting him for something he wasn’t in control of.
Shot Khan expressed his dissatisfaction with the USA Network account manager after a post surfaced on WWE Raw last month about Mahal’s challenge to Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship.
Rollins’ victory over Mahal, becoming the first NXT Champion, highlighted the history of the two-star competition. “Cagematch rated,” USA Network account said. People assumed it was a shot at Khan because he referenced Cagematch. AEW matches’ quality was often gauged by net user ratings in the past.
Despite not winning in a match for ten years, Khan knocked Mahal to secure the title.
Mahal discussed Khan’s shot at him during his speech on The Gorilla Position.
“I think Tony Khan’s true calling is to be the top contender, as I am a former WWE Champion and also the Modern Day Maharaja.” A week later, the Royal Rumble was held. There was no need for me, as you may have guessed. The Modern Day Maharaja has the option to win a title match. That’s fine. It’s all in the name of good. The competition generated a lot of excitement, and it was appreciated by him for its ability to improve everyone’s performance.

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