Triple H Upholds a Longstanding Vince McMahon Rule for WWE Hall of Fame

Triple H Upholds a Longstanding Vince McMahon Rule for WWE Hall of Fame
It’s staying in place

WWE has commenced the unveiling of inductees for this year’s Hall of Fame ceremony, marking a significant milestone as it is the inaugural class to be selected by Triple H rather than Vince McMahon. Despite this shift, it seems that a rule instituted by McMahon years ago is still in effect.

Inductees: Among the notable names announced is Paul Heyman, a significant figure in Philadelphia, the birthplace of ECW. Other inductees include Thunderbolt Patterson, Muhammad Ali, The US Express (Mike Rotunda & Barry Windham), and Bull Nakano. The ceremony is slated to take place following SmackDown on April 5th at the Wells Fargo Center during WrestleMania weekend.

Regarding McMahon’s directive, Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer shed light on a longstanding rule that every Hall of Fame class must include both a black wrestler and a women’s wrestler.

Meltzer stated, “It’s noteworthy that Thunderbolt is now included in the WWE Hall of Fame. One thing we’ve learned is that when Vince McMahon oversaw the Hall of Fame selections, there was a quota system in place, mandating the inclusion of a black wrestler and a female wrestler in each class. It appears that this tradition has persisted in the new Hall of Fame lineup. Bull Nakano represents the women’s category, while Thunderbolt fulfills the requirement for a black wrestler. Thunderbolt’s induction was announced today, and it’s anticipated that Lia Maivia, The Rock’s grandmother, will be announced as a promoter, with Dwayne set to deliver the induction speech.”

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