WWE Initiates Trademark Process for Ring Name

WWE Initiates Trademark Process for Ring Name

WWE has recently submitted a trademark application for a new ring name.

The filing, dated March 12th, was made with The United States Patent and Trademark Office for the name “Drake Morreaux” under the entertainment services category. The trademark description encompasses various aspects of entertainment, particularly wrestling exhibitions and performances by professional wrestlers, broadcast via television, radio, internet, or commercial online services. Additionally, it includes provisions for providing wrestling news and information online, organizing sporting events for wrestling fan club members, and offering online newsletters and blogs in the field of sports entertainment.

“Drake Morreaux” is set to become the new ring name for NXT’s Beau Morris. Morris, a former offensive tackle and football player for SMU, made his WWE in-ring debut last May. Previously, he was part of The Bayou Boys tag team alongside Hayden Pittman.

In recent developments, Morris teamed up with Javier Bernal for a squash match on SmackDown, where they faced and put over the Authors of Pain.

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