Trish Stratus Expresses Willingness to Wrestle Again at WWE Money in the Bank

Trish Stratus Expresses Willingness to Wrestle Again at WWE Money in the Bank
Trish Stratus is willing to listen

Trish Stratus and Damage CTRL clashed in early 2023, when she joined forces with Lita and Becky Lynch. This caused Stratus to become more defensive, attack Lynch, and join forces with Zoey Stark.

Last return

At the WWE Payback 2023 premium live event, Lynch was defeated by The WWE Hall of Famer in a steel cage match, marking his last return.

Stratus mentioned to Alex McCarthy from Inside of the Ropes that she is open to seeing another WWE in-ring reunion.

Is there another match to come?

I will listen. Since retirement, I’ve been saying it non-stop. If it’s the right time, and if it makes sense, it is ‘will the fans appreciate it?’ Can I have someone else?’ I can push it further. I have the opportunity to do something similar with my own work, like working with Zoe was a bonus because it ensured that Becky wouldn’t require my rub. Even so, it was a captivating battle. It was like a fantasy match, spanning generations and lacking any other aspect. It’s unbelievable to witness that. That’s something you got to see. That was fantastic. Examine that box. It was helpful to bring Zoey along. I felt a strong sense of responsibility and the need to be there for someone, rather than being just another selfish person. She contributed a lot to her story. Ultimately, questionable conduct is evident. What are you referring to? However, I think that was a fantastic factor.

I consistently inquire if I can complete all of these tasks. I will do it if I can add something new and make it interesting by taking a different approach to different characters. I also declare that as long as I am capable of doing it all. My performance will be so low that I’m hesitant to repeat it. I won’t do that. I aim to give you my full due diligence. Until I am inside, I never know.

During her WrestleMania match, Stratus mentioned that she had a torn hamstring and was not in good health. Stratus’ hometown of Toronto is set to host the Money in the Bank event hosted by WWE in July. She is anticipating the coming of an idea.

I’ve always been able to handle calls from May, June, and July. When does July officially start? From my perspective, it is.

She went on: “If they make a call I’ll have to tick those boxes.” Can I continue my journey? I will enter the ring and observe my position before making a decision. The focus is always on creating something innovative and exciting for the fans to enjoy.