Vince McMahon Allegations Prompt Bret Hart to address Wider Issue of Predatory Behavior in WWE

Vince McMahon Allegations Prompt Bret Hart to address Wider Issue of Predatory Behavior in WWE
Bret Hart spoke the truth

WWE Hall of Famers Bret “The Hitman” Hart has spoken out about The Vince McMahon allegations weeks after McMahon quit all of his duties within TKO as well as TKO Executive Chairman, as well as in the TKO Board of Directors.


The lawsuit claimed that he was involved in a sex trafficking abuse scandal involving the former WWE employees, Janel Grant. The company as well as former executive John Laurnatis were also named in the lawsuit.

The allegations are under investigation by prosecutor’s offices in New York who have been in contact with women who been accusing the former WWE CEO of being a liar.

Hart speaks.

In an interview with Slate the WWE Hall of Famer said that he would speak the truth and doesn’t care about McMahon’s feelings as Vince didn’t care for his opinions. He stated that he’s fine with the fact that he’s coming out about McMahon.

“When you have that vision inside your head and you think, “That’s all wrong ” Hart said. “It’s so disgusting and sick to even think about.”

Hart stated that McMahon is just like the Teflon man, and you can’t ever get anything done with McMahon due to his money and power.


“I believe this isn’t the only instance that shows this kind of predatory behavior” Hart said. “I think you’ll find this is everywhere in WWE.”

Hart added, “It’s like Jeffrey Dahmer, Harvey Weinstein, or Jeffrey Epstein: Vince will be an absurd joke. He’ll be used to make fun of, and you’ll be shaking your head at the shocking value of a joke like, ‘What did Vince McMahon do?’ Vince will always be part of this tale, particularly as it grows bigger and larger.”

Hart stated that despite having respect for McMahon It’s now tarnished, and he’s embarrassed that he considered him a hero.

Rita Chatterson

Hart remembered apologizing to the former WWE referee Rita Chatterton, who came out in 1992 to be accusing McMahon of raping her following the case was made public and he was not convinced McMahon would have done something like that since there was more at stake. Hart admitted that to Chatterson that he was mistaken to doubt her.

“I believe that, regardless of the problems I encountered with Vince I’m sure that in my heart, that I have always admired him. However, now, having seen the type of person that he was I have no respect for him.”

Hart stated that Hart doesn’t believe he can ever touch McMahon’s hand, because it’s creepy.

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