Vince McMahon’s Decision Prevented The Undertaker vs. Sting Match from Taking Place

Vince McMahon's Decision Prevented The Undertaker vs. Sting Match from Taking Place

In the latest video shared on the “Six Feet Under with Mark Calaway” YouTube channel, The Undertaker delved into the subject of Sting and why a match between the two iconic wrestlers never came to fruition.

Regarding his lack of a bout with Sting, Mark Calaway explained, “It just didn’t pan out. Sting had a brief stint in WWE, but Vince wasn’t keen on it. The reasons behind it remain unclear to me. He simply wasn’t feeling it. Despite the overwhelming demand for this match over the years, it never materialized. People were already envisioning the matchup, even sending me artwork with billboards or posters, but it never came together.”

He continued, expressing doubts about whether the match would have met the lofty expectations fans had set. Calaway elaborated, “The match might have been good, but I doubt it would have lived up to the hype people had built around it. Many imagined a clash between the Undertaker of 2007 or 2008 and Sting, but by the time he arrived, I was nearing the end of my career.”

Reflecting on Sting’s tenure, Calaway commended his strategic approach to booking, saying, “Sting was smart in how he handled his appearances. He avoided situations where his limitations might have been exposed, knowing his strengths and weaknesses. His decision to team up with Darby Allin in AEW was wise, as it protected him from potential vulnerabilities.”

Calaway also acknowledged his own physical limitations, stating, “I understand where Sting and I both stand. While I may still have the desire to compete, my body simply cannot keep up. While I could rely on my experience to entertain, it wouldn’t be right. Fans deserve a proper show, not a half-hearted performance.”

In reference to WWE acknowledging Sting’s retirement, Calaway remarked, “While WWE and AEW may be in competition, Sting’s legacy transcends any promotion. It was fitting that WWE acknowledged his retirement, as it was a tribute to his immense contributions to the industry.”

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