WWE Enlists Indie Wrestler for Writers’ Assistant Role

WWE Enlists Indie Wrestler for Writers' Assistant Role

The company has enlisted the help of WWE for an intriguing creative role.

After serving in the independent scene, Patrick Scott has joined WWE. He was a guest at the Premier Wrestling Federation’s Goodbye Crystal Coast event after defeating Bojack in Serie A during Survivor Series.

Scott had previously worked as an enhancement talent for NXT in 2017 and 2018, but also on the indies’ PWF and Deadlock Pro-Wrestling circuits.

WWE hired Role Scott to work as a writers’ assistant, according to his social media post that was initially reported by Bodyslam on Sunday. The net.

I left NC as an independent wrestler yesterday. “As an employee of @WWE, I woke up in CT today,” Scott wrote. “I have a lot more to say, but Twitter is asking me to take it down.” Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you have done over the years.

He has been listed as an assistant on the SmackDown brand, assisting creative team members in their tasks.