TNA Weighs Big Shifts in Weekly TV Structure, Contemplating Old WWE Venue for Shows

TNA Weighs Big Shifts in Weekly TV Structure, Contemplating Old WWE Venue for Shows

The rebranding of TNA Wrestling is already underway, with Impact Wending returning the TBA brand to the WWE booth at Hard to Kill pay-per-view screenings. This event was the most popular pay-per–view contest for TNA in years.

Changes: TNA management upset by talent and replaced Scott D’Amore, with Anthony Cicione taking over at the helm.

TNA Wrestling plans to broadcast TBA Impact on AXS TV every Thursday, as stated by Dave Meltzer during a guest appearance on Wrexport’s Observer Radio. Full Sail University, the former location of NXT TV before WWE’s departure for the Performance Center during the pandemic, is among the venues that the promotion is considering.

A potential site is being considered, but it’s not expected to happen soon. The plan is to establish a place of residence where they can visit on Thursdays. The discussion centered on Full Sail University, but there are other locations that may pose difficulties, as Orlando already has NXT scheduled every Tuesday. Before being ousted, Scott, Lou D’Angeli, and Ed Nordholm scouted Full Sail. It was their desired location. Full Sail’s appearance is perfect for a building with 300-400 seats, making it aesthetically pleasing. Many of those buildings are not aesthetically pleasing enough for television broadcasting. By allowing students to work on shows and gain experience, NXT has provided some cost savings. It’s free for students on campus, and that’ll be there. The success of Full Sail’s NXT show was overwhelming to me. I am uncertain as to why they chose not to return following the pandemic. It was mentioned that. Scott D’Amore is no longer present, but the idea of Full Sail, which was previously developed by him, may be put on hold until some talented individuals demonstrate it before the end of the year. The thought was to live until the year 2025. With D’Amore absent, the idea may be reconsidered as it is significantly more expensive to tape live every week than to film in cities where some tickets can be sold, even though there are not many. To run at Full Sail University on a Thursday night, tickets must be sold for free as it is not feasible to do so without paying for admission fees in the city. Nonetheless, an idea was being worked on.

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