WWE star Discloses his New Name in video promo

WWE star Discloses his New Name in video promo

There are many Former WWE superstars who were let go in September who are available for sale after their non-compete clauses expired.


The Elias gaggle is no more after his departure from WWE because he was employed by WWE between 2014 and 2023. There, the first time he appeared was with NXT under the nickname of Elias Samson, which he was portrayed as musician.

Then he made the move into the WWE main roster wearing only the Elias name, and then released his own album WWE: Walk with Elias. He was on hiatus until the late 2021s, but returned the following April as Elias his younger brother, called Ezekiel.

He removed his locks and cut the beard. In the was the same year that he had been taken off the air again, before reappearing as Elias.


As can be seen in the video below Elias is releasing a brand new in which he stated that Elias is dead, while Elijah is alive. Elias was able to put himself in an unmarked grave. Elijah set the grave on the fire and watched as he burned.

The tombstone of the grave was set to date 2017-2023, which is the date of the game. It’s unclear when his next move is.

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