Adam Copeland Discusses Retirement Plans: ‘I’m Eyeing a Two-Year Window to Accomplish as Much as Possible

Adam Copeland Discusses Retirement Plans: 'I'm Eyeing a Two-Year Window to Accomplish as Much as Possible

Former WWE and current AEW Star Adam Copeland was interviewed on the Not Sam (Sam Roberts) Wrestling podcast. The interview talks about his WWE career and the current situation in AEW. Scroll down to see.

Adam Copeland comparing the Attitude Era with the current:

“If you’re looking for a high-quality experience over, perhaps, quantity, wrestling is far superior today however it was the character that stood out. I believe that’s what I love was about during the Attitude Era was, and I’ve already said it I’ve said this before, you could have had Crash Holly come out first with a huge reaction. From the top down of the lineup, everybody was a well-known personality. Even if you’re trying to understand or trying to figure it out, you’re doing something. It seems like somewhere along the line, because the burden was placed too much emphasis on wrestling, the personality aspect of the game became a bit elusive. Now you’re able to get even though they’re all fantastic matches, everyone’s hoping to win the event that’s the best of their year. But I don’t take a lot of interest in them as I do because I’m not enthused in the person doing the moves. This, for me, was the most important challenges I had to learn. It’s just like when they are concerned about your character’s appearance, they’ll be even more about the moves you perform and that’s why you don’t need to take an axe off the top of the ladder, and should you decide to do it take it off, you can put it aside for a main fight that takes place in Toronto with John Cena, a TLC match to win The Heavyweight Championship. This means the double FU of two tables. If I’m going to stab Mick Foley through a flaming table with thumbtacks stuck to my side, that’s bound become WrestleMania. It was at that point that I thought, “Okay that if I’m going take on this challenge I’m going create a sense of significance and ensure it’s a moment that’s repeated forever.”

Edge would later tell me, “You can do moves all day long and you’ll get to a certain level. You will. I got to the level where I was wrestling Kurt Angle and wrestling Eddie, King of the Ring, and teaming with Hogan, and it’s a great place to be, but to get further than that there needed to be more. There needed to be more layers. There needed to be a reason. You know, what’s the reason? Okay, this guy loved wrestling. Well, if you’re in it, chances are, not everybody, but about 98% of us loved it. That’s why we got into it and that can’t just be your character.”

Ideas that were discussed about during his time on Judgment Day:

In one instance, it was mentioned that there’s the possibility of a cauldron that was bubbling with black liquid. it was a pitchfork in my hands and it’s like, wow. I’m not going to do that, because it’s not going to be effective. There was a time when they asked us to go into the Ring. I was like “What? “ They said, ‘Well we’ll dress it like a doll.’

The reason he attended AEW and how long he’s planning to wrestle:

“I can do this for a limited time, because it is all limited. Even though it’s been four or five years back now, it’s not like I got another four or five in front of me. I know I don’t. We’re looking at like a two year window here to be able to get as much done as I can get done, tell as many stories as I can, and try and help talent along the way with that and I need to be there more and to do that and I want to be there more to do that because even still, it’s not like the schedule was back when I was riding 220 or 250 days a year. At most, it’s two times a week and that’s very doable to still be the dad I need to be, to be the partner I need to be. I still have the time and the energy to do that because it’s not as all consuming as it was. I don’t let it be as all consuming as it used to be either. But by the schedule, it just becomes less all consuming. I wanted to be able to do as much as I could while I could and that felt like the place I was going to be able to be allowed to do that. That’s when it really, I was like, that’s where I gotta go.”

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