Ashley Massaro’s Claim Before Her Death: Vince McMahon Caught in Romantic Encounters with Female Wrestlers, Coupled with persistent calls to Her Hotel Room.

Ashley Massaro's Claim Before Her Death: Vince McMahon Caught in Romantic Encounters with Female Wrestlers, Coupled with persistent calls to Her Hotel Room.

Vice News has obtained a previously unpublished declaration of Ashley Massaro where she accused former WWE CEO Vince McMahon of predatory behavior.

The document, which was released prior to her passing in 2019 states that she was penalized for not embracing McMahon with poor scripts that could ruin her reputation. Massaro said she was “extraordinarily discomforted” and also that McMahon “began calling my hotel room’s phone as well as my mobile phone constantly.”

The previously unreleased document was omitted from the affidavit published following her death, in which she said she was accusing McMahon and other top executives of covering up after she was sexually assaulted on a base of the military in Kuwait in the year 2006. WWE had previously denied they were aware of Massaro being raped, but lawyers for John Laurinaitis confirmed that Laurinaitis and McMahon were aware of.

In the previously unreleased statement Massaro claims that she witnessed McMahon “making the rounds” to female wrestlers inside the locker rooms. She also claims she was harassed sexually. Massaro claimed that the sexist scripts were designed to ruin her image and reputation. This has already occurred to a female wrestler before she quit WWE. The wrestler’s name did not appear in the Vice report out of respect for her privacy.

Here is the previously unreleased statement by Massaro:

“During my time in the WWE I have observed Vince McMahon making out with other ladies in the locker rooms, but he didn’t pay attention to me, and I thought I wasn’t the type of person he was. That changed when the release of my Playboy cover was made available. I was lucky enough to be able to fly on a corporate jet and stay in similar hotels to executives for a certain amount of time in order that I could travel home quicker to be with my child. One of these times, Vince was attempting to make me feel at peace at his room in the hotel at night, and I felt very uncomfortable. Vince began to call the hotel room’s phone and my cell phone continuously. I phoned Kevin Dunn to explain the situation. He advised me that I should inform Vince that I was not feeling well and that I would be watching him on the news later that day, which I did. The next night, Vince started writing my promos for me. Vince is not a writer of promos for female wrestlers, that’s the responsibility of the creative department. And he definitely wouldn’t, under normal situation had written a promo specifically for me. However, he did which was done with the explicit purpose of destroying my career. I presented the original draft Vince had written for me, to the WWE manager for Creative in the time of Vince, Michael Hayes, and Michael Hayes asked, ‘If you’re not saying this, but who did this?’ I explained that Vince wrote it. He replied”Well, kid this is the break and that Vince would like to put an end to my career and ruin my reputation when I went out. He’s known for this kind of behaviour and also did it in response to her quit from WWE. Also, after that evening, every when I passed by him, He would make sexy comments clearly designed to make me feel uncomfortable.”

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