Bruce Prichard’s Tricep Severed Off the Bone After Falling, Conrad Thompson Reports

Bruce Prichard's Tricep Severed Off the Bone After Falling, Conrad Thompson Reports

On’s “Ask Conrad Live,”” Conrad Thompson gave an update on Bruce Prichard’s operation. There were some on social media who claimed that Prichard tried to rest following being involved in Janel Grant suit. Thompson stated that it was not true, and the surgery actually took place.

“He phoned me, and said, ‘Dude, that was a brutal experience. My arm is swollen. It’s a fever. The temperature is hot feel. I’ve got hot dog fingers. I’m suffering from a disease and they’ve given me antibiotics and the list goes on. It’s as if I’ve got 300 lbs of weight hung on a rope.'”

“He’s recovering. I’m aware that there’s been lots of online chatter and a lot of Bruce fans who are saying”Oh, he’s just faking an injury or something else. He’s trying to avoid the spotlight or to stay in a low position.’ This isn’t the case. What you saw on YouTube was that he underwent shoulder surgery, and he’s placed his body in a sling. It’s more than a sling in fact, it’s this brace which he’s not able to even put on himself. It’s a huge device. Unfortunately, as wearing it was thrown down, and when the fell, he was required to fight to get himself back up, and when it did, the man was able to carry all his body weight. instead of attempting to brace it by using two hands or two arms the thing happened with just one. For anyone over the age of 18, especially one who might or may not be a couple of pounds overweight, just broke the tricep. The tricep was torn away from his bone.”

“He said to me today that I called Punk and asked him, ‘Man how’s the tricep performing?’ Punk said to him”Fu**ing the worst thing I’ve ever heard” which was what made Bruce feel content because Bruce’s”good. It’s not just fat elderly, old men. It’s also at their peak athletes who still felt an effect of slender operation similar to the one above.'”

“The doctor even advised the patient that when he does the procedure, he said”Just give me an early warning, Bruce. This will be extremely painful. It’s bound to hurt, and he’ll be like”I just suffered a shoulder injury. It’s not going to be any worse than that’ and the doctor responds”I’m not going to say that it’s better but it’s certainly not better.’ It’s happening for Bruce and he’s probably right. It’s awful. But you know what to everyone who has told him”Hey Give one week’ then they’ll tell him, I’m sure of this”Give it two weeks. Three weeks is the minimum to ensure it’s better However, he does not suggest having two surgeries within of two weeks should you be able to do so.”

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