Early Conversations on AEW Dynamite Included Plans for the ‘Conrad’s Corner’ Segment with Conrad Thompson

Early Conversations on AEW Dynamite Included Plans for the 'Conrad's Corner' Segment with Conrad Thompson

There’s a brand new “Ask Conrad Live” podcast out on AdFreeShows.com.

Conrad Thompson revealed that he nearly had a regular segment in the news channel AEW at the time that the business first started.

“We had a sort of freestyle while AEW was beginning by using Dynamite,” Thompson said. What if there were an interview on the backstage that was a recurring feature on programming, that was dubbed Conrad’s Corner or something. Think about how you remember, we had sitting downs on with Jim Ross on WWE programming.”

Thompson explained more in-depth about the idea and how things didn’t go as planned. Thompson explained, “So it would sort look like that podcast but with more the style of. It was talked about, but you know it would have also resulted in I wouldn’t have had anything to do with Bruce for a long time since AEW was canceled in January, and he was back to February. Isn’t that an intriguing timing that hasn’t been discussed? AEW begins in January. Bruce Prichard goes back to WWE in February. The kind of thing that make you think, “Mmm.'”

Thompson was a guest at the first AEW media events of 2009 and collaborated with the company in putting on Starrcast conventions. An X fan X recently inquired Thompson about putting on the Starrcast event in the UK in the ALL-IN weekend. Thompson responded, “I would have loved to have done that. AEW is working on other ideas, I’ve heard.”

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