CM Punk reveals his plan for returning from injury and remaining in the mix

CM Punk reveals his plan for returning from injury and remaining in the mix
CM Punk discussed these topics.

CM Punk was interviewed in an interview with TNT Sport while in attendance at UFC 298 on a Saturday night. He spoke about his recovery from triceps torn, The Rock returning for the build-up to WWE WrestleMania 40, his own WWE return, and much more. The highlights are as follows:

In the aftermath of the injury, which is threatening WrestleMania plans:

Do you have fingers crossed? Sure, I was supposed to be the main event at WrestleMania. Of course, I’m not however, it’s still sports. This is the way athletes are affected, because I’m mentally convinced it’s more difficult due to the physical discomfort. what it is, but I also consider it as bumps in the road. It’s an occupational risk. It’s happened. And I’ll be back stronger and better.

In the timeline of his rehabilitation:

“Yeah I’m a stupid clumsy jerk. I injured my left tricep the time of my injury. That’s why the right one was a little jealous. I’m thinking, I’m an older car. I’m similar to an old 72 Nova You know what I’m talking about? We must replace some components each and every so often. Once we have fixed all the components the engine will be solid. It’s in good shape. We’re thinking about 6-8 months, however, I’m not looking forward to getting back in the game. I’m trying to be well. I’m rushing to improve my health. And the faster I get to this is the better. I’ll be ready when I come back. 

In the process of re-entering to WWE:

“I have answered this question earlier in the evening. It’s probably just timing. Timing is crucial to everything. It’s true that I fought for a long time prior to signing the WWE contract. Then I traveled for 10 years. There was no time off. It’s a strain on the body. One of the things I’ve never tried prior to that was trying to balance all of it out. And I believe that many fighters, and a lot of wrestlers do this, it’s a must to balance everything. When you’re young and you’re determined to succeed for it, and you need to be ready for every chance that comes your way You can’t turn down an opportunity. After some time, you’re burned out. When I burned out about 10 years ago. I left and started doing other things. I did many cool and interesting things. The passage of time is the healer of all injuries. It is a gradual realization that, as many of the things that occurred 10 years ago isn’t relevant anymore. There are different people who leave and come back, there are different leaders in the present. Maybe I’ll return and you know it’s as a worn-out slipper and it’s great to be back. I’m extremely happy that it happened. And the manner in which I returned and the size of it is something that could never have been the way it is without the other stuff you know. That’s how I woke up today. So, it’s a wonderful day.”

On the Rock’s return:

“I find it to be fantastic. Ten years ago I was the person who wrestled The Rock when The Rock came back. And now, ten years later The Rock is coming back and I’m sure the arena has totally changed, doesn’t it? WrestleMania is now two nights. It’s even bigger. His return only aids. I’ve always said that high tide lifts every ship. So I’m happy to know that despite being injured but I’ll still be around. My mouth is still functioning and I’ll be able to yell about a few things. I don’t know if anyone were able to catch the kickoff that we held during Vegas along with Rock as well as Roman along with Seth as well as Cody. It was lots of entertainment and I’m hoping to keep doing it while recuperating since I’m always able to chat about the hottest of them. That’s the best part. This is what I do.”

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