WWE’s Damian Priest Spills Beans on Wrestler Who Broke Character

WWE's Damian Priest Spills Beans on Wrestler Who Broke Character

Damian Priest recently did an interview with Kenny McIntosh from Inside The Ropes. He also discussed the only WWE Superstar who makes him break his character despite his best efforts that being R-Truth.

“I believe you already know how to answer this query. That’s the reason you’re asking it. He’s not even close to breaking me. I’ve been broken. I’m open, I’m confused I’m a mess, he snatched me. It’s unbelievable. I’m able to go into the room and I know what he’s going do, and I’m sure that he’ll attempt to accomplish this. I’m sure he’ll try to break me, and make me laugh, and that’s exactly the way he works.

No matter how you attempt to be, no matter how much you’re hoping for him to speak, it’s not going to happen. If you stare into his eye and the way he speaks, it’s hard to remain serious. I’m not sure, maybe there are some who can pull it off, however I’m certainly not among them of them and I’m generally fairly good at avoiding laughter.

I’m pretty serious and I’m not afraid to be. But that man is a jerk. He’ll break anyone. I believe in him and he’s even beaten me up several times. I’m sure I’ll be able to hold my head up today. However, for a couple of instances, particularly when we started at the beginning, I didn’t stand a chance.”

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