Ex-ECW Star discloses of dealing with post-concussion syndrome

Ex-ECW Star discloses of dealing with post-concussion syndrome

ECW was a well-known and in the present as a show that revolutionized the business of wrestling through blurring lines between what was authentic and scripted, while also introducing an in-ring product that was more provocative that focused on technical and hardcore wrestling matches.

Whipwreck was a part of ECW from 1993 until 1998, after which he participated in an incident in WCW in 1999. He then returned after the promotion was taken out of the business in 2001. He has been a part of the independent scene ever since.

When he was with the promotion the player held the title of triple crown winner when he won his World Title once, was twice World TV Champion, and three-time ECW Champion. Whipwreck’s last game was the middle of December.

In a tweet in a post on Twitter, Whipwreck noted that he suffers from post-concussion syndrome.

The following was his message:

“Woke up feeling like my brain is underwater. Combined with the near constant headache behind my eyes, it means a day of wishing shit was over off and on all day. Lifetime of post concussion syndrome makes for a lovely existence.”

We would like to wish Whipwreck a quick recovery

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