Speculation video surrounding one more match by Hulk Hogan

Speculation video surrounding one more match by Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan put himself through many adversities during his career in wrestling, and Hogan became an international star with WWE in the early days of WWE and then WCW.


After years of wrestling, he’s required numerous operations. He has also had surgery in the past. Hogan spoke about hip and back problems that he’s had to deal with. Hogan has also stated that his finishing move the leg drop, which has seen hundreds of times is his greatest regret from his career in wrestling.

His last show in WWE TV was at the WWE Raw 30th anniversary show. In a recent video of arrest featuring his son Hulk was seen wearing the aid of a walking stick.

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As can be seen here, Hogan published a message in his Instagram account in which he shared an instructional video in the past. He also tweeted, “Setbacks are just setups for epic comebacks, brother! Get up, dust yourself off, and prepare to rise as a champion!”

He posted a caption on the video that reads “You’re all champions!! Remember, each knockdown is a new beginning. Never give up ” Some people believe Hogan is mocking himself for the possibility of a second match.

In the past, Hogan claimed that there were discussions about Nick Hogan being a surrogate for him during an event during WrestleMania 39. This was later denied by a top source within WWE.

It is important to note that WWE is planning to commemorate this year’s 40th birthday of Hulkamania.

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