Internal Responses to Kevin Dunn’s WWE exit

Internal Responses to Kevin Dunn’s WWE exit
WWE/Kevin Dunn is gone

Kevin Dunn recently gave his notice to WWE following his status as an extremely prominent and influential WWE figures throughout its history.


Dunn was among Vince McMahon’s top staffers, and was also one of the most influential individuals behind the scenes following decades of service to the company. Dunn was in charge of his role in the TV production.

According to reports, Dunn spoke to the company over the week of Christmas about his plans to quit, with a significant factor due to the changes implemented internally in the time since TKO began to take over following the merger.

Vince McMahon has less power in the company than before Vince McMahon is now a lesser power, and Nick Khan handling the business side of the business and Triple H in charge of the creative side. Sources said that Dunn did not “never going to follow anything that was directed” to Vince McMahon. He was not going to change the style of production compared to what he thought was appropriate as an example of two sides presenting two distinct perspectives.

Internal reaction

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select said that they had a conversation with “several stunned talent who were unaware of the change. Some within WWE believe that Dunn’s duties will likely to be split because some have worked in aspects of Dunn’s job.”

The people they spoke with told them that Dunn’s influence declined over the past year due to McMahon not being in charge and that whoever took the responsibilities would not have as much authority Dunn used to have.

Dunn has also been missing many more events than normal. there were a few in the company who believed that some members of the older generation of WWE were going to be cut in the near future, with the notion that the company had a huge factor to be sunk.


In an interview on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer pointed out that Dunn is now officially out of WWE.

“He is officially terminated on January 1st at midnightas well as a number of other contracts that will be due to expire at the end the year and will not be renewed. It would be a retirement, right? However, when PaulLevesque] Levesque arrived the first time, there was, basically at the time that Levesque was brought in ….Kevin Dunn. For a long time throughout the years I was told basically “As it goes on, as long Vince is around, Kevin Dunn will be there. If Vince has left, Kevin Dunn will be gone, and Paul Levesque will bring in someone else. Then, when Vince was absent for the very first time, in July it was a bit like that, but Kevin Dunn was not the sole name it was numerous names that were mentioned to me, and I ask, ‘Does this mean that Kevin Dunn is gone? Does that mean other people are also gone because of stock market reasons I don’t like the idea of Paul entering and squeezing out many people in one go will not be a great idea in terms of the stock market and it’s likely to be a slow procedure this is going to happen but it’ll be one at a time and it won’t happen anytime soon. Then Vince was able to return to his position of power. Now Vince has no power. It was also the last day of the year.”

He said, “I mean, he’s wealthy, wealthy and you know you know, whatever. Therefore, he’ll leave the business of wrestling. We’ll find out when the new series is released if there’s an improvement. It’s a matter of time before we can tell. However, he’s done. Yeah, officially.”

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