Jim Ross Hints That This Could Be His Final Year as a Wrestling Announcer

Jim Ross Hints That This Could Be His Final Year as a Wrestling Announcer

In the most recent installment of the “Grilling JR” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer and AEW broadcaster Jim Ross provided an update on his health status.

Ross shared, “I’m feeling pretty good. This week, I had my staples removed from my hip surgery, which was a positive step. There were 28 of them, and although it wasn’t a pleasant experience, it’s beneficial for my recovery. Additionally, the port in my chest, through which I was receiving intravenous antibiotics, was also removed this week. So, there’s definitely some progress being made. It’s definitely a test of patience, no doubt about it.”

Having recently committed to another year with AEW, Ross was questioned about the possibility of this being his final year in the role:

“I believe so,” he responded. “It’s a realistic possibility at this stage. At 72 years old, I feel good, and my health is improving daily, which is fantastic. However, it’s pragmatic to consider that this could indeed be my last year, and more than likely will be. The final decision will depend on factors such as my health and how much Tony Khan wishes to utilize me. Currently, the plan is for me to primarily work on pay-per-view events, once a month. That’s the current arrangement, but as we all know, the landscape of pro wrestling is subject to change at any moment. Nevertheless, I don’t anticipate significant alterations in this instance.”

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