John Cena Claims Clean Record, Rejects Allegations of Doping

John Cena Claims Clean Record, Rejects Allegations of Doping
John Cena addressed this

John Cena’s pro wrestling career has been jacked by fans for decades, as they have followed him from OVW up to the main WWE roster. Some have questioned Cena about whether he has been clean throughout his career, and not even tried steroids.

Cena, while appearing on Howard Stern Show this morning, said that he had never used performance-enhancing drugs. He was also able to lift over 600 pounds.

Cena: The profession demands it. You’ve got to lift people and throw them.

Stern: “John you always say that you are all natural. Are you still like this?”

Cena: “Still. Yeah, still.”

Stern: “Yet, you still didn’t want any of that crap in your body?” Imagine how jacked your body would be if you had used this stuff. “Cena: “There’s risk-reward there. You can have a lot of bad things happen if you press the accelerator too soon. …. I like to exercise. You said it, and I agree. It’s great. It’s like my meditation. It’s an area where I must be present. Or else you’re gonna get hurt. By being physically active and present, I feel less stress when I leave. While I am in the room, I only focus on what I’m doing. Then I left calmer, in a much better place. “And when I walked into.”

Stern: “Have you ever had an agent, or someone who is in the wrestling profession? Who said that he would do something if you got high on juice? You probably did, I think, I would say, listen, as well as he could do in the WWE. When you first started, they probably told you, “Listen, the bigger and more popular you are, the more people will notice you.”

Cena: “Not really. Since I was 17, I have weighed 225 pounds. So, I’ve always felt that my frame. I started lifting at 13. It’s possible that I didn’t need it. I don’t rule that out. It’ll happen. “Time is unstoppable, I have my bloodwork checked three times a year, and my testosterone level is great for a 47-year-old.”

What does it mean? If your testosterone level is high, does that mean your body will not age as quickly?

Cena: No, it means that you will feel good and still be able to function. It is an indicator, for example, of how well my body can heal itself, or how much I am able to build. Or, it’s a measure of how many days I will feel good and how motivated I will be. The level of the window increases when that level falls below a certain threshold. I’m referring to a number that is below 302 50. I want to use science to get it back into the bracket. But I’m far away from that now. “I’ve been able to go 46-47 without it and I still have it stored in my bank, like a fire escape that I can break open for another 20 years.”