Kevin Dunn’s WWE Exit stated by Nick Khan

Kevin Dunn's WWE Exit stated by Nick Khan

Kevin Dunn, who was one Vince McMahon’s most trusted employees, and was also among the top employees behind the scenes following decades of working for the company. He recently gave his resignation to WWE which was has been confirmed in the words of WWE president Nick Khan this morning.


Dunn was the person who supervised the production side of television for WWE programming for a number of years. Dunn’s role had decreased in the past year or so due to McMahon not in charge anymore.

The decision was based on the internal changes that were made in the years since TKO began to take over following the merger. According to one source, Dunn had stated that he was “never going to follow whatever was directed” to the company. Dunn also did not want to change the style of production as compared to the way he saw it.

The email

Pwinsider received the following email, which Khan sent to his employees this morning:

“After more than 40 years of helping build WWE and most importantly, the top media and production unit in the entertainment and sports business, Kevin Dunn, will quit our company from today.

Prior to WrestleMania 1 Kevin was a part of Vince as a member of the WWF. We all remember the pre-WrestleMania WWF that was an organization that was modeled after an regional wrestling organization. We then witnessed WrestleMania 1 live, whether it was on television in closed circuit, or years later on other circuits. It was awe-inspiring. A local wrestling organization became a global sport entertainment giant. Vince was the leader and was working side-by-side with Kevin Dunn. While we were all kids waiting in line to get a chance at Pac-Man, Kevin was already traveling the world in pain, bending his back to help us build our company.

If you look at our products today it is hard to find anything like it in design or feel. It is available 52 weeks per year, 3 to 4 times per week. It’s singular and unique. It is the only company that will achieve that. this is due to Kevin and the team of our media department’s dedication, hard work, and determination.

We will always be thankful for Kevin. Kevin will always be member of our WWE Family.”

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