Kota Ibushi Scheduled for surgical Procedure

Kota Ibushi Scheduled for surgical Procedure
Kota Ibushi is set to undergo the knife

Kota Ibushi will not be wrestling in AEW in the near future, since Kota Ibushi is currently out with injuries to his ankle.

The accident

Pro Wrestling NOAH held its New Year 2024 show earlier this week, featuring the main event singles bout with Naomichi Marufuji, and Ibushi.

There were a few rough places in the fight which Kota afterwards apologized over. Ibushi was believed to have sustained injuries to both ankles during the bout. Following the match, he was rushed to the hospital to undergo further evaluation.


Ibushi has revealed that he would be having surgery Twitter on Friday in order to fix an ankle injury he suffered in two tweets. He also revealed that he suffered from an injury to his ankle that was not present prior to the surgery. Google Translate interprets Ibushi’s posts:

“Sorry for the delay in getting in touch. I’m sure that Mr. NOAH will give you more information, but I’d like to tell me that my ankle’s insides were an issue, so I decided to undergo surgery on my right ligament. I’m sure there will be a release in the near future. I’m truly sorry.

I joined with the hope of doing it for 20 years and I believe it’s the time to become active. There’re still many things to be done on my list and I’m determined to finish the tasks! I try not to speak too much or contemplate my future plans, however I need to look after my mother and other matters that are important to me, so I’ll discuss it when the time is right! Do not miss a single game at one time.”

NOAH has released an announcement regarding Ibushi’s condition in which they stated that Ibushi was diagnosed with an injury to the right tibiofibular ligament and an ankle complex lateral ligament injury.

We wish him quick recovery.

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