Maryse, Former WWE Star, Discloses Diagnosis of Extremely Rare Pre-cancer in Ovaries: “Staying Positive and Focused on overcoming This”

Maryse, Former WWE Star, Discloses Diagnosis of Extremely Rare Pre-cancer in Ovaries: "Staying Positive and Focused on overcoming This"

Many best wishes for the former WWE Divas Champion Maryse. She shared the following message on Instagram:

“Not all superheroes wear caps

Here’s a superhero that I would like to to spotlight. The name of her character is Thais Aliabadi. Oby-Gyn located in LA. She saved my life.

I am so blessed to have shared my life with this amazing super skilled, patient, sensitive and truly caring woman!

A brief history of the incident; I’d suffered from extreme abdominal swelling and distention to the point where I’d appear to be like I was six months pregnant. There were a lot of GI problems, such as sibo, several cycles of antibiotics severe fatigue and being me! In the last year my symptoms would manifest in flare-ups, and it became worse as it was becoming chronic.

I have seen a variety of doctors in various areas, but I was not given a diagnosis. Nobody could explain to me what was happening. I went down an incredibly long list of testing, from colonoscopy/endoscopy/pill cam endoscopy, mri’s, ultrasounds, ct scans, blood tests just to name a few and often would be told that its probably hormonal and or just something by body is allergic too. I had even had my entire home checked for mold. I was advised to relax – that it would sort itself out over time. It’s because I’m too eager and getting myself into a tizzy about this! I’d never give up in trying to figure this out!

From the moment I first met Thais on her way to work in LA she was attentive to my story. She really listened. She was able to understand my story (a doctor’s expertise that makes a huge difference) and was in agreement that we needed to work to find the root of this. She has always said “No one understands your body better than you do.” She suggested we go in to find out. I was all set.

A few weeks ago, I had surgical procedures under Dr. Thais. She performed the Laparoscopy surgery to treat what we believed at the time could be Endometriosis disease!

She removed and identified 11 implants that were located around my abdomen, the uterus and all connective tissue around the abdominal organ’s cavity. They were then taken to pathology for tests.

Three days after… 3 days later… tests were back. No endometriosis.

All 11 implants returned in the form of borderline tumors that were arousing. Rare pre-cancer of the Ovaries. It is extremely clever and aggressive. If they develop cancer and the rate of survival is lower than one year.

What happens following? I’m scheduled to undergo the total hysterectomy procedure in four weeks. My uterus, ovaries fallopian tubes, cervix and Omentum will be removed. I will have lymph nodes in my abdomen removed to allow for staging.

I’m determined and positive to defeat this challenge. There’s only one way to go and that’s winning the battle! As a mother of two daughters, I’m also in the middle.

Let’s make light of an important issue for women here. Women are conditioned to believe it’s normal to experience pain, but mostly in silence. We are told to not crybaby. It could be due to hormone imbalances, or anxiety, or simply all in

You are told to stop being a crying baby. It could be due to hormone imbalances, anxiety or everything within your mind. This isn’t normal. This cycle needs to be stopped! If you are dismissed by a physician, then go to a new one until you’ve received the assistance you require! Advocacy is key. Keep advocating for yourself and continue going! Be guided by your intuition. Never ever underestimate your gut feelings!

Thank you to @drthaisaliabadi as well as her incredible group of nursing staff. They truly do a great job for thousands of women!!

“I’m blessed with an angel by my side, helping me, a big THANK YOU DAD”

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