Matt Hardy Clarifies His Presence at WWE Raw

Matt Hardy Clarifies His Presence at WWE Raw

In the recent episode of the “Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, Matt delved into various topics including the debut of Mercedes Mone in AEW, his ongoing contract discussions with AEW, and his impromptu appearance at WWE Raw.

Reflecting on Mercedes Mone’s debut in AEW, Matt expressed his approval tempered with constructive criticism. He acknowledged the impact of her entrance mirroring CM Punk’s debut at AEW Rampage but felt that her debut would have been even more impactful had it been advertised beforehand. Matt emphasized the importance of reaching casual fans who may not be privy to wrestling news online. He suggested a more prominent announcement of her debut to maximize its effect. While he appreciated her debut and entrance, he wished for her to have been utilized more throughout the show to maintain her presence and momentum.

Regarding his unexpected presence at Monday Night Raw, Matt explained that he and his wife, Reby, were enjoying a rare date night in Raleigh when they were invited to a suite at the PNC Arena by one of Reby’s friends. Despite his initial reluctance to attend, Matt accompanied Reby to the event. During their time there, Matt was approached by fans for photos, resulting in an unexpected interaction that lasted around 80 to 90 minutes. He clarified that his attendance was purely coincidental and innocent, emphasizing that he was merely accompanying his wife and had not planned to make an appearance at Raw.

Overall, Matt’s insights shed light on his perspective regarding recent events in both AEW and WWE, showcasing his engagement with the wrestling community beyond the ring.

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