Matt Hardy Elaborates on the Necessary measures for AEW to reach Next Stage

Matt Hardy Elaborates on the Necessary measures for AEW to reach Next Stage

AEW Revolution is expected to be sold out for Sting’s final show as the business is doing well with pay-per-view. But some people have pointed out the fact that their weekly television attendance is low as a sign that the system needs to be improved.

The “Extreme life of Matt Hardy” podcast, Matt Hardy was asked what his opinion is on how to take AEW up to the next stage:

“I believe that great, die hard-wrestling matches bangers, bangers, or five-star matches are awesome but they’re not necessarily the ultimate goal and end all of the world,” Hardy said. “At all times, I believe the most important aspect is storytelling and putting characters in your show and AEW has characters that viewers are genuinely interested in. MJF is among the most popular characters I consider to be local, but I believe it’s vital to create most of the characters that viewers are engaged in and are passionate about since they’re on an interesting journey, and you’d like to see them triumph over some obstacle. You want them to get to where they want to be, no matter what it may be. I think that’s the way you increase your fan base. I believe that’s the most important thing. I think it’s more important than anything else.”

AEW is pushing new dramas on their channels lately. Tony Khan recently indicated that they might implement some of the strategies they had been doing in their initial days.

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