MJF admitted being tired and fans are a little tired of this run I’ve been on

MJF admitted being tired and fans are a little tired of this run I’ve been on

The Player’s Tribute has published an article by AEW World Champion MJF before his title fight in the ring against Samoa Joe tomorrow night at the Worlds End pay-per-view.

MJF stated that after the game against Joe at the weekend, Joe doesn’t have a clue what’s going to happen next, and he is aware that people will be writing about him in the coming few days regarding his deal and state his body is currently in.

He also discussed the significance for him to witness the development of AEW since the company will be celebrating five years of existence on January 1st, 2024. He also praised Tony Khan, Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Chris Jericho as well as Jon Moxley.

He went on to write more about the problems he’s facing and concluded, “I’m tired. I realize that’s not the way you’re supposed say in the professional world of wrestlingand especially not prior to the big World Title defense in your hometown. I’m aware that I need to get my vitamins in, brother take a cup of expensive coffee at the 5-star hotel room that I’m at (thanks, Tony), and conclude this post by putting on an ’80s bad promo for a guy about the evil Samoa Joe. Let’s sell some Pay-Per-Views!!!!!!! However, I’m not sure, man. I’m exhausted. That’s the real fact. The hip of my is in a chaos. My arm can’t rise over my head. I’m taking painkillers which isn’t my thing. I’m not sleeping.

As I mentioned earlier, …… I’m sure there are many others who are exhausted. I’m sure our fans are exhausted from this journey that I’ve had to go on. For this first time ever since this business was founded, I’m sure there’s a bit of MJF fatigue. That’s okay, in my opinion there’s no way to stay all the time.”

It’s not a secret that MJF is suffering from injuries. While it’s been reported that those within WWE believe that he has signed a new contract to AEW, MJF himself has declared in interviews that he’s never signed any new contract. In the Players Tribue write-up makes it appear, at least, that he’ll be taking a few days off to recuperate. What will happen then, is up to him.