Recap of AEW Dynamite on January 3, 2024

Recap of AEW Dynamite on January 3, 2024

AEW Dynamite

January 3, 2024

Prudential Center

Newark, NJ

We are pleased to present Live coverage from AEW Dynamite. As usual, we’ll be able to post the results immediately after each match. Check back often to check the latest results.

Tonight, on AEW Dynamite

AEW International Championship

Orange Cassidy (champion) vs Dante Martin

Daniel Garcia vs Swerve Strickland

Mariah May vs Queen Aminata

Exclusive remarks by AEW World Champion Samoa Joe

Christian Cage 2024 State of the Union

The live broadcast begins at 8:15 PM EST.

In an interview that Samoa Joe conducted after World’s End, Samoa Joe said MJF attempted to cheat and made use of everything available to win the title. I have turned everyone you love into you. I walked into your neighborhood, in the presence of your neighbors and family, and stole everything you had from you. I will always accept everything that is mine. Ich’m Samoa Joe and I’m the AEW World Champion. I’ll accept everything from anyone trying to steal this from me.

Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Mike Bennett, Matt Taven Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Mike Bennett, Matt Taven and Wardlow arrived at the arena. Cole stated that MJF is the one who has created more enemies in AEW than anyone else. He’s the person who’s been running his mouth on everyone within the locker rooms, and every one of you, and it’s still me being considered the villain. The only person MJF really cares about is MJF. In the future, in the locker room, everyone else will be thankful to me. MJF has left and is not coming back. What am I doing that I did? The second MJF was feeling like that he wasn’t needed any more, and he could have done the same to me. I fought him to the ground. Adam Cole never needed MJF. MJF was in need of Adam Cole. I gave everything to the friendship, and that’s why I injured my ankle. You wouldn’t even have liked MJF had it not been for me. I helped MJF win the world championship and ended it. MJF is gone but what’s in existence is known as the Undisputed Kingdom. We’re after championships. Bennett Taven and Bennett Taven have been two of the ROH Tag Team champs. My closest acquaintance, Roderick Strong, is seeking an AEW International Championship, and Wardlow is chasing an AEW World Championship. If the time is right, Wardlow is going to take the right decision and surrender this AEW Championship to me. Congratulations to Samoa Joe. It was an absolute pleasure doing deal with you. It was easy to get Hangman Adam Page for you however, you’re ready when Wardlow climbs the ranks and challenges you to your title, that you’re not the winner since it’s not a good idea to hurt someone else. AEW was in need of a change and we made it available to you. The Undisputed Kingdom is the fresh chapter within AEW while the Devil will not leave Bay Bay. Jay White came out. He told me that he’s a big fan of the work You did for MJF However, I’m not a fan of being the victim in being the catalyst in you let your friends leap over me while I was alone. It’s not like I’m alone. In the end, The Gunns came together with White and took to the ring to take on their Undisputed Kingdom. The fight was four-on-three before The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass struck the ring, sending the Kingdom fleeing from the rings. White as well as The Gunns were in a heated confrontation together with The Acclaimed along with Daddy Ass and the two White as well as The Gunns quit the ring.

In a taped interview, Danny Garcia said he will take on Swerve Strickland in the upcoming match.

AEW International Championship Match

Orange Cassidy (champion) vs Dante Martin

Martin was thrown out of the rope, landing an icy splash on Cassidy to cause a near fall. Cassidy offered Martin the crucifix for two counts. Martin was able to roll up Cassidy to get another close fall. Cassidy knocked down Martin with an orange punch, which put him in a shackle. Darius Martin, Action Andretti, Hook, and Danhausen were in the arena. Cassidy and Martin hugged following the match. Private Party came to the arena and told Tag team division not been able to catch Private Party. They also said that they are making everyone aware and are seeking to win the AEW Tag Team Championship.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

Then, in the rear of the room Renee Paquette told Toni Storm that Mariah May was getting her start and she’s begging viewers to watch her match. Storm claimed that I do not like watching wrestling. She could be paying her bills and what better place to pay then to be in New Jersey.

Malakai Black as well as Buddy Matthew did a pre-taped interview. Black stated that we will are willing to accept FTR’s challenge. However, we’ll do it in North Carolina in front of your family and your loved ones. If we defeat you the first time, you will have to go towards your family and tell them to leave and they must watch you walk back to you and your brand new family. one who truly love them.

At the end, Swerve Strickland said I will beat Danny Garcia tonight. In 2024, I’m going after gold. I was thinking it would be MJF but now I’m guessing the next one will likely become Samoa Joe that I’m going after.

Mariah May vs Queen Aminata

Aminata struck May with an elbow strike that ran and an elbow at the corners. Aminata was able to smack May at the corners once more and again, but May struck her with the knife sling. May struck Aminata using the Mayday, and put her in a bind.

Winner: Mariah May

After the match Mariah May told me that I’ve always dreamed of becoming a wrestler from the time I was a child, so the idea that I’m a wrestler on AEW is quite surreal for me. I’m sure Toni Storm is watching and is proud. The whole thing is about Mariah My only regret is that we had perform this at the expense of New Jersey. Deonna Purrazzo came out. Purrazzo stated that she is originally from New Jersey. Should Toni Storm doesn’t want to come to the United States, I assure you that we don’t want her here. Purrazzo said to May to inform Storm that regardless of where she goes or hides she will be found since I’m All Elite and we’re at the peak of Virtuosa. May declared that I’m not your messenger so you have to tell her she bitched and hit Purrazzo. Purrazzo hit her in the back, then May left the Ring.

Christian Cage, Killswitch, Nick and Shayna Wayne were present in the circle. Christian acknowledged his thanks to Nick as well as Shayna Wayne. Christian changed to Killswitch and told Killswitch that I want to acknowledge Killswitch for putting the final nail in Adam Copeland’s professional career. He declared, I am the one to thank. There will not be titles for Copeland and I’m superior to you.

Then, in the rear of the room Ruby Soho told Saraya that at first, I didn’t believe that Harley Cameron would work out. I was thinking that another blonde would be in her head and it was not the case last time. However, I really appreciate the help of Cameron. Cameron stated that I’m thrilled to arrive here. I’m determined to show my loyalty, and I’ll take on anything, for example I’d be willing to do anything for either of you. Soho went away, and Saraya said to Cameron to stop the saga since you’re making it very obvious. Renee Paquette, what’s happening here, and Saraya and Cameron left.

Konsuke Takeshita vs Darby Allin

Don Callis was on commentary. Takeshita struck Allin with a kick into his head in the corner. This was followed by an German Suplex from the upper turnbuckle. Takeshita struck Allin with a knee-splitting strike, and then pinned him.

Winner: Konsuke Takeshita

The Backstage Show, Don Callis challenged Sting and Darby Allin to take on Konsuke Takeshita, and Powerhouse Hobbs next week.

#1 Contender’s Match for the Continental Crown Championship

Trent Beretta vs Brian Cage vs Brian Keith vs El Hijo Del Vikingo (w/ Alex Abrahantes)

Danhausen was in the Ring in order to shout curses at Cage. Cage was able to take Danhausen however, Keith beat Cage. Vikingo superkicked Cage. Vikingo did a dive off the second turnbuckle just outside the ring of Cage. Keith took Beretta by an Saito suplex as well as a diving headbutt to cause a near fall. Beretta took out Keith with a sit-down backdrop and then pinned the wrestler.

Winner: Trent Beretta

Then, Adam Page said a couple of weeks ago, Samoa Joe had a bunch of gangsters hurl me in a car’s windshield So, I’m here to take down someone’s ats.

Swerve Strickland (w/ Prince Nana) vs Daniel Garcia

Matt Menard was on commentary. Strickland struck the stomp off the top rope onto Garcia and Garcia was kicked out at two. Garcia took on Strickland for a near-fall. Strickland struck Garcia with a kick to the head and a powerbomb that rolled and then pinned him. Following the game, Strickland stuck his hand out in front of Garcia to shake. When Garcia was about to shake his hand with Strickland’s, Nana gave him a low punch. Menard entered to the arena and immediately began to punch Strickland. Strickland was able to give Menard an icy punch. Nana stated that you’re looking for the coming AEW Champion. Adam Page came to the boxing ring, and they began fighting with referees and security to break them up when the show ended on the air.

Winner: Swerve Strickland

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