Replacement for Brock Lesnar in WWE Royal Rumble is Identified

Replacement for Brock Lesnar in WWE Royal Rumble is Identified
This was the star

Brock Lesnar was expected back on WWE TV with his surprise return taking place during the Royal Rumble, where he was expected to participate at the Men’s Royal Rumble Match.


It was dropped after a sexual trafficking lawsuit was brought in the case of Vince McMahon and WWE, and a former WWE/UFC Heavyweight Champion included in the lawsuit. Lesnar has been the one and only person who fits this description. At one point in the week, he was scheduled to fly for Tampa, FL, for the concert.

Following the Royal Rumble, there has been speculation about who was the person who took his place in the fight which Cody Rhodes won.

The match

In an interview on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said the wrestler was Bron Breakker that replaced Lesnar in the match.

Dave Meltzer: “I think that most people are aware of this however Brock Lesnar was scheduled to return to the Royal Rumble in the ring, but this was an obvious change due to the lawsuits or modifications made on likely Friday. It was likely to be Friday, possibly Saturday morning and Bron broke because of this, and also because the event was basically planned out in advance. Bron Breaker basically played his Brock Lesnar role he came into to play when Brock Lesnar was gonna come in. Bron Breaker threw the guys out Brock Lesnar was gonna throw out. You were to be thrown out exactly as Brock Lesnar was [supposed to be.”

Bryan Alvarez: “So it was Bron Breaker?”

Meltzer: “100%.”

Meltzer stated that Bron was not scheduled to compete in the Rumble.

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