The Rock Comeback on WWE Monday Night Raw, hinting clash with Roman Reigns

The Rock Comeback on WWE Monday Night Raw, hinting clash with Roman Reigns

After several days of speculation, the previous WWE Champion that was teased by Triple H made his appearance this evening during the Monday Night Raw.

Here’s a summary written in real-time during the program:

Jinder Mahal appeared in the ring to announce that his name was that of one of the previous WWE Champion who was being talked about for a return. The announcement drew lots of boos from those in the crowd, who expected somebody different. Mahal attacked the fans who are more divided than they have ever been and declared that news and politics are awash with inaccuracy and false information. He claimed that it was a joke that the United States was a superpower and is now an untruth, but he’ll bring everyone together. Majal was booed by more while he continued to rip at his fellow citizens in the United States. Mahal was a reference to The Iron Sheik.

As is to be expected the interviewer got interrupted by The Rock. Rock stated that Mahal is not the Iron Sheik. The Rock declares he is proud that he is The People’s Champion and to be an American. Rock insists that people don’t have to boo his appearance because of the way they look or even because the language he speaks is Punjabi. Rock declared Mahal “the biggest assh*le walking God’s green Earth.” Rock then got fans to shout “Day 1 Douchebag” at Mahal.

Mahal was a target for The Rock but Rock turned the tables with punches as well as the spinebuster and the People’s Elbow. Rock then jumped onto the microphone to tell fans he loved the fans and “Happy New Year.” He also mentioned that there’s a hunger pang and is planning to grab something to take home. He asked if it would be better to take a seat in a booth at the bar or at the head at the Table.

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