Thunder Rosa shares her AEW Goals and Addresses the misconceptions during her Injury

Thunder Rosa shares her AEW Goals and Addresses the misconceptions during her Injury

In the recent Busted Open Radio show, Thunder Rosa talked about returning to the ring following her injury. Rosa took at Dynamite last week, for the first time since over a year.

“This is a brand-new edition from Thunder Rosa,” she declared. “So, it’s still for certain people. I such as the music, the new look and everything else, but it’s distinct. I’m a different individual. I’ve returned as a completely different person due to the challenges I’m facing in order to return to the rings. It’s been difficult mentally or physically; however, every challenge I have to fight I’m facing it in the right way and in the most crucial and most calculated method that I can when I am into the Ring.”

Her new Finisher:

“It’s known as”The Tijuana bomb. I’d like to give my friend, JP Harlow, who was one of the most caring former students I’ve had and is now working with me to get into form and has been on my toes about everything. He’s helped me get better. He was that person who said it because I could do it with fewer individuals. I have a second suggestion that I haven’t yet used. I only played two singles matches but I’m fairly certain that I’ll have many more singles matches over the next few months.”

The desire to be AEW Women’s Champion:

“I have achieved the greatest dream that I never believed in my life I would achieve, and it was becoming the AEW Women’s World Champion. I’ve never had the opportunity to compete for the TBS title and it’s going to be awe-inspiring just as my fellow competitors have been the winner three times. I hope that it will be the case for me. I’m going to continue trying to work on every aspect I can do both in and out of the ring to prove that I’m worthy of this spot and that I am worthy to be there, and that I’m not leaving the ring, and that I may be a bit slower at the moment. There are a few similar characteristics as Thunder Rosa had in the past, but at the heart of it all the fire is there. The passion remains, the constantness remains. A few of my colleagues don’t have the same experience, because they’re older and lack the drive and the drive that I do because everything was taken from me. The experience was.”

Thunder Rosa would go on to add “I simply want to tell the story, because I’m sure there was a lot of miscommunications about my injury and also the way I was compared with other individuals for not being able to compete. However, it’s true that my back was truly fu**ed. My doctor stated that I could not play. I followed the instructions of the doctor. I was waiting for an extended period of duration just to perform basic tasks. We have talked about it often however it is crucial for people to comprehend. Sometimes we need to give up titles and quit the arena in order to get better and to ensure that we don’t to cause harm to our fellow athletes or fellow athletes. Your back is essential to help others, to perform any task.”

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