Tony Khan Addresses Backlash Over Darby Allin’s Controversial Glass Panel Incident

Tony Khan Addresses Backlash Over Darby Allin's Controversial Glass Panel Incident

Tony Khan, the President of AEW, has spoken about Darby Allin’s ladder dive through glass during Sting’S retirement match at a club event called ACEW Revolution.
AEW’s latest pay-per-view event featured the controversial headline of “This spot in the Texas Tornado Tag Team Match for the AWT Tag Titles,” which was initially considered unnecessary.
The fact that Allin needed only a few stitches to close the back wounds was unexpected. AEW Dynamite: Big Business tonight features Allin and Jay White in combat.
In an interview with TV Insider, Khan discussed the criticism and his approval of such hazardous spots.
“The situation demands a level of safety. If I am faced with a wrestler who wants to try something dangerous, it’s best for me to know there are safe methods. Darby Allin has always had a plan and reason for his high-profile events. These things don’t come easily to Darby. Darby’s ability to pull off such a series of wild and fearless stunts during his tenure is unmatched, without the help of savvy strategic planning. Darby is fervent about discovering a way to perform stunts that appear like they are impossible and result in apparent death. His constant search is to find a safe approach. There is always a reason behind why he can do it. Darby’s strategy and tactical execution are what really impress me

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