Tony Khan Responds to Critics Urging Him to Dial Back Tweets and Focus on AEW

Tony Khan Responds to Critics Urging Him to Dial Back Tweets and Focus on AEW

Tony Khan did several interviews with media outlets in the morning on Radio Row in Las Vegas prior to the Super Bowl. The reason he was there was because of the game as well as since AEW Collision took place there on Saturday night.

Tony Khan was asked about the suggestion that he reduce his tweets and concentrate on the show.

“I believe that we’ve managed to get the show noticed and increase the audience’s interest. Additionally, the company has a strong presence and we’ve built a strong relationship with our people who watch the show. This is a valid question, but I believe we’ve had the ability to generate genuine engagement in certain instances. I believe there’s evidence of this with our high television ratings as well as the fact that, as you can see I’m sure that in three of the most recent 4 weeks Wednesday Night Dynamite has outperformed that of the NBA on ESPN in a straight-up manner. We’ve had amazing, fantastic results in engaging with our fans and I believe that our strategy is working extremely well.”

Tony Khan on the importance of the tale leading up to Sting’s last match:

“Sting I believe that Sting has probably had the greatest career of any wrestler because when you look at Sting has the size, the length is impressive and the fact he’s wrestling at a top level in 2024. Sting was able to take a few years off. He was retired, as I wished to provide Sting the most perfect goodbye, the very best run. We’re now approaching an anniversary that marks three years from Sting’s return wrestling. The event was held during the Revolution Three years ago that Sting made his comeback. We’re approaching the third anniversary of what I consider to be the greatest comeback to ever be seen in wrestling, as well as the most impressive final performance. Sting is now the official co-holding the World Tag Team Championships. This is the AEW World Tag Team Title is the very first championship Sting has won in wrestling for over 12 years. What is it to Sting to be preparing for his final match, teaming up alongside Darby Allen from AEW each week. We’re thrilled to have Sting as part of AEW. Sting along with Darby are an integral part of our work. I believe their team is a perfect example of the essence of what AEW is all about. be able to have one of the most legendary wrestlers in the sport, and to invite him to show the greatest respect for his accomplishments and who he is. On to that to have him with our own homegrown star two wrestlers who complement one the other and fit as a perfect fit, I’m sure it’s wonderful.”