WWE Buzz: Potential Name Swirls in Hall of Fame Rumors

WWE Buzz: Potential Name Swirls in Hall of Fame Rumors

WWE has announced names of the Hall of Fame ceremony and on Monday, it was revealed the name of Paul Heyman would be inducted this year in Philadelphia. Heyman’s name was widely anticipated by male fans as Philadelphia is home to ECW. Heyman was the first name that was announced during the Triple H era.

WWE announces names later than usual due to the fact that in past years (before the outbreak) they used to announce the headliner just after SmackDown Royal Rumble as a way to increase ticket sales. But due to the HOF celebration taking place just after SmackDown it is no need to announce names that early.

Some names also appear in the media for weeks or even months before the names are announced and this year, no names have been announced. The host of Wrestling Observer Radio, while discussing Paul Heyman, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez said that they have heard of a name, who is said to be in the mix for this year’s.

Alvarez sought out Meltzer, “Any other names you’ve heard rumored? I heard rumors about Haku.” Meltzer replied, “Oh yeah, I heard those rumors too but I don’t know.”

Haku is among the most well-known wrestlers and, since the inclusion of The Rock on the TKO board, the chances Haku could be included appear to be increasing since Haku is regarded as a family member to The Rock. It’s not yet confirmed, but it’s interesting to note that Haku’s name has been mentioned.

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